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The tournament will be broadcast on ESPN

The tournament will be broadcast on ESPN

Microsoft Excel, the software commonly used for our spreadsheets, is the champion of the unique competition that is broadcast on ESPN2 in the United States.

Who had nothing to do with it? Microsoft ExcelThis incredibly complex program for creating spreadsheets? Maybe you used it at school or maybe you used it to pay your house bills. But have you ever thought about using it to compete in a sports competition? Someone must have thought about this, creating a real competition between the “masters” of Microsoft software as we challenge ourselves to the main functions of spreadsheets. Here, then, is that the best “players” of the world of Excel, defined by a global ranking, come together in what can be defined as the most important competition on the program, and they challenge each other with SUMIF, VLOOKUP and COUNTIF to be able to complete all the tasks given during the “battle of all Stars”.

exciting competition –

At the expense of what one might imagine, watching some of the competition videos will make you think again about what could be defined as a “boring” sport happening on screen. However, Excel is a rather complex program in its most “deep” usage, so being able to complete the various activities suggested in a fast, efficient and elegant manner is a true test of style. But if this is enough for enthusiasts as an incentive to watch “spreadsheet” tournaments, then for a more general audience, specifically, a group of “actors” who not only understand what is happening on screen but are also able to convey enthusiasm is required. Only this You must have thought of ESPNan American channel dedicated to the most diverse sports, decided to exclusively broadcast a strange and very specific competition, which, according to Internet reactions, was a winning option. Who knows who does not know Decide to invest in it.

Excel is not new to ‘certain’ uses –

If the idea of ​​competing for Excel with spreadsheet formulas sounds too strange, it’s good to remember that the program is not new for uses other than those envisioned by the developers. There are those who take pleasure in making wonderful paintings using the possibility of coloring the cells of the plate (the paintings are also on sale at very reasonable prices) and there are those who are happy to create complete full-fledged video games. Microsoft taught us that a video game could be programmed within spreadsheets, which in version 97 included a rudimentary flight simulator within the software. So far, there are dozens of video games that have been developed, for pure fun, on spreadsheets, so yes, we can say we’re having a practically insane program.

Written by Salvatore Bello L GLHF

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