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The European Swimming Championships Italy "finds" 5 more medals after three months: Sanzulo's gold in the 25 km that was canceled.

The European Swimming Championships Italy “finds” 5 more medals after three months: Sanzulo’s gold in the 25 km that was canceled.

Rome. Three Italians finished in the top three in the 25km cross-country swim at the European Championships in Rome last summer. The silver and bronze blues are also in the women’s marathon. It took three months, a commission of inquiry and much controversy to award the medals and prizes relative to the race that took place in waters very turbulent due to bad weather on the Romanian coast, in Ostia, last August 20: more than three hours after the start of the competitions and 19 kilometers already covered. , as athletes swam through high waves, a series of confused decisions among the judges It led to suspension and then cancellation from the race for safety reasons, with no medals awarded.

At the time of the cancellation, the Italian Mario Sanzulo, Dario Ferrani and Matteo Forlan were in first place, while the French Caroline Joyce was ahead of her in the women’s race and the Italians Barbara Pozubon and Veronica Santoni behind her. None of them fully understood what was happening. Contradictory information was being circulated and communication between the rulers of land and sea was completely cut off. Once out of the water, exhausted, the swimmers realized that their efforts were considered in vain. Controversy and bitterness ensued. Also an investigation, opened by LEN, the European Swimming Federation, to review the results of the competition, entrusted to a third party, the UK-based company Quest, in collaboration with an expert on the subject. The conclusion, also thanks to the interviews and video images, is that the sites in the sea at the time of the cancellation were clear. What was then taken is now returned: gold at Sanzullo, silver at Verani, bronze at Furla: silver at Pozzobon, bronze at Santoni. Italy goes into the background from a 3-2-1 to 4-4-3. And this is a record number of medals: 11 out of 21. The world record exceeds 72: now 25 gold, 26 silver and 21 bronze.

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For her part, Lane emphasized that “Safety must be a top priority and concern in any open water competition. Procedures must be reinforced, clearly communicated and documented. Leadership skills and greater knowledge of the rules of open water swimming are required.” Cross Country Technical Committee. This will help ensure a safe race and further development of discipline. Lane’s office approved the formation of a new cross-country technical committee. “