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“Comprehensive demographic correction” the phrase that frightens the world: what does it mean?

“Comprehensive demographic correction” the phrase that frightens the world: what does it mean?

The world is collapsing, overpopulation is endangering the Earth, and according to a scientific study there will soon be a “global demographic correction”.

Scary phrase, even just hearing its pronunciation. But what is the matter? To be sure to understand what we are talking about, we need to take a step back and look at Land As they appear today, above all, to make a proper comparison with the general conditions of the planet even just a century ago.

It’s almost scary to realize what we’ve become 8 billion people On a planet, even just 40 years ago, there were 5 billion people, and it was already thought that we were too many. However, man continued, by and large, to multiply and expand in all the habitable areas of the Earth, exploiting resources that are not enough to cover the needs of the entire world population.

The troubles that this overpopulation of the earth has caused and continue to cause are many and are quite concrete, under the eyes of the people of the whole world, like the mighty. Climate change Which led to the phenomenon of global warming, and the scarcity of natural resources that are no longer sufficient for all individuals who inhabit the earth, as well as resources such as water and minerals that are inevitably depleted. What are the consequences?

The world is going through a major demographic change

root “Comprehensive demographic correctionWhat everyone fears most is the conclusion reached by the ecological economist William Reese from university British ColumbiaAccording to which, by the end of this century, the Earth will experience a real collapse of the world’s population, which will decrease significantly from 8 billion people (the official figure) today.

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The Earth is a victim of global warming –

It will basically be aendemic reformWhich the Earth will put in to save itself from the final collapse: There are too many individuals on Earth Planet Earth And the exponential growth that has occurred in a very short time is actually leading the planet to a real upheaval. Suffice it to say that in 1800 the world’s population was only one billion, and only a century later the number had almost doubled to 1.6 billion. But what is worrying is the 6.4 billion people who came to inhabit the Earth in just 130 years.

This “comprehensive demographic correction”, according to Reese, translates into a radical decline in the world’s population between now and the end of this century, which could happen in different ways. Wars, famines, droughts, diseases: none “Catastrophe” Particularly remarkable is that it is a gradual and inexorable correction of the entire global environment.