Saturday, July 20, 2024

Come hot off season, temperatures are expected to reach 26-27°C in these areas


Temperatures will rise sharply in the next few days

Temperatures will undergo a general and overall rapid increase over the next few days, reaching a peak of 26/27°C in some areas.. It will be the first real warm one of spring, with temperatures well above the seasonal average for the period.

up to Wednesday, March 20daySpring equinoxThe mercurial columns suffer no particular shocks, except the first alarming rise in the north.
Thursday 21st and Friday 22ndHowever, with the presence of a cyclonic gyre and an African anticyclone located west of the Iberian Peninsula, almost the entire country will be engulfed by the influx of warm air from the southern quadrants.

And because of the sunlight, the temperature will shoot upwards and reach a peak 26/27°C On the two main islands, the values ​​are close 24/25°C South and over most of the tip 20/22°C In other parts of the country.

Maximum temperature forecast for Friday, March 22
Although the next Weekend Not guaranteed to be completely constant, the thermal image does not undergo certain variations, sometimes the values ​​are higher than the average for the period.

By appointment only Next week A change can be seen in the general circulation. However, we will cover it in more detail in future updates.

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