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Jalan Lewis is the youngest to go pro in the United States

In the Italian afternoon, the signing Shams announced that Sarania had signed Jalan Lewis With new Overtime Elite League, A youth league aimed at competing with the NCAA. Although college basketball, a few weeks ago, finally decided to allow athletes to earn with their figure (before it was blocked in any form), this new league will guarantee pay for participating boys.

In Louis’ case, that is million more than 1 million contract. The 16-year-old boy has thus become The youngest player to become a pro in the United States. He is an outstanding talent, with Kentucky, Duke and UCLA being the three most prestigious colleges on Louis’ path, ranking 12th out of 247 sports in the rankings for the 2023 draft.

However, the only notable player to be recruited from the Overtime Elite League is Jalan Lewis, not just the junior. Before he chose this path, he had two brothers Matt and Ryan Powell and two brothers Azar and Amen Thompson, as well as Kevin Olly, a former coach at the University of Connecticut.

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