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Colombian presidential election, a slap in the face for traditional parties: progressive Petro and populist Hernandez go to polls

Colombian presidential election, a slap in the face for traditional parties: progressive Petro and populist Hernandez go to polls

there Colombia Will choose her next boss with suffrage. After the first round of the presidential election, none of the candidates got the 50% +1 of the vote needed to lead the South American country in the next four years. Leftist candidate will challenge each other on June 19 Gustavo Petrofrom the alliance Bakto Historicowhich got about 40%, e Rodolfo Hernandez77-year-old independent of his country Liga de Gobernantes Anticorrupción He received about 28% of the vote. Surprise, because last night the Petro Challenge favorite – who was actually hoping to win the first round – was the favorite on the right Federico Figs Gutierrezfrom the alliance Equipo from ColombiaThat stopped at just under 24%.

And no matter what you want to look at, this election round marks a turning point in an exhausted country hnfAnd the inequality And the corruption. The same election campaign was affected by the climate of estrangement in relation to the bloc of ruling forces, that is, associated with the former president. Alvaro Uribe Velezembodied by the right-wing president over the past four years Evan Duquethe party Democratic Center.

First of all turnout, unprecedented in the first round since the 1970s: About 55% of the 39 million eligible voters went to the polls. then it A slap in the face for traditional partiesleft being beaten: Both Petro, a 62-year-old economist and ex-group fighter M – 19 In his youth, both Hernandez, a wealthy building contractor and former mayor Bucaramanga – the capital of the circle Santanderin northern Colombia – represents one Novelty compared to traditional powers. Especially those who have ruled in recent years, with uribist traction. In fact, the foundation focused on Gutierrez, the youngest candidate: a former mayor of a city MedellinAnd the Figs He failed to give continuity to the coalition primaries last March, when he and the legislature had collected more than two million preferences. After receiving just over 5 million votes, Gutierrez conceded defeat, declaring his support for Hernandez on the ballot.

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“Today we won, it is a day of victory,” said Gustavo Petro who, together with the Afro-Colombian social leader France Marquis (Vice Presidential Candidate) Aims for the Presidency of the Republic. The Paco Historico leader thanked the more than 8.5 million Colombians who “voted for change” and emphasized the defeat of the Duque-allied parties (which are very unpopular even in the opinion polls). “era endingIt is now about building the future.” On which it must be based, for Petro and his progressive coalition “Social Justice”. To also win on the ballot and become the first progressive president of Colombia, however, Petro – who lost in the second round in 2018 – will have to win the centrist vote. Sergio FajardoThat got 4.2% and a piece of entrepreneurship. Hopefully there will be no automatic transmission of votes from Gutierrez to Hernandez.

The surprise is undoubtedly Rodolfo Hernandez, who is considered an outsider. “We know today that there is a firm will of my citizens End corruption as a system of government El Ingenero (also nicknamed Hernandez), who based his political discourse on fighting corruption and waste. Get nearly 6 million votes per ticket with Marilyn Castillo (Vice Presidential Candidate). It is considered The new Donald TrumpHernandez attacks ‘Political thieves’but also against environmental crimes which is proposed to be included in the Criminal Code. Among his distinguishing points in the election campaign are the choice not to mix with other candidates in traditional debates and a strong presence on social networks, particularly on social media. tik tok, curious for 77 years. To close the image, for the evangelist preacher John Milton Rodriguez which collected 1.3% ed Enrique Gomez Martinezstopped at 0.2%.

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