Wednesday, July 24, 2024

“This is beyond Salvini’s trip to Moscow” – Libero Quotidiano


Marcelo Aris on me printing Try to explain this step Salvini. The announced flight to Moscow which has now been temporarily put in the refrigerator has actually created quite a few controversies. However, the La Stampa columnist tries to explain what could be behind this decision. They arise and explain everything simply. It is clear that Salvini would have faced increasing difficulties in recent months due to the parts of Italian entrepreneurship that have been suffocated by the sanctions imposed on them. Russia. Hence the step to slide into a small space to try to open a file Situation And give oxygen to companies that the government does not participate in the line.

But in fact, according to Sorge, there would be another reason why Salvini would want to go there He flies. Apparently, according to the editorial, it was also possible that there was pressure from some of the League’s circles, the most ruthless and purest in the North and inevitably also connected to the business world having to deal with sanctions.

But the “no” came from Kizhi Palace And it was somehow leaked by the prime minister’s crew that put in the fridge the hypothesis of the league leader’s trip to Russia. For now, Salvini decided to wait. But sending a mission to Russia with the risk of failure could certainly have a regressive effect on the political power of Salvini’s leadership.

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