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Oliver Sacks and Music

Oliver Sacks and the music are the subject of the Type B track in the first audition for Maturity 2022.

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The official effects of Maturity 2022 have arrived: for the genre B-art literary theme, the theme is music and music. It begins with a piece by Oliver Sacks, taken from the book “Musicofilia,” and asks the candidate to discuss the power that music has on humans, answering several questions.

The first test in Maturity 2022, the literary-artistic subject of type B

The dialectical subject refers to the type B and can touch on various topics, from the literary-artistic subject to the scientific-technical subject. And among the topics of type B tracks is also that artistic literary. To clarify this type of traceability, we start from the material presented during the examination: sources, testimonials, articles, from which it is possible to formulate a special personal thesis. Then this must be related to the contradictions that must be refuted, in support of one’s theory. Argumentative subject matter allows students to express their own opinions on certain topics by creating authentic interdisciplinary discourse.

Effects of the literary artistic subject on the first test in recent years

Two years after the Covid pandemic, the first written test returns to the final exam and with it also returns to the effects of previous years. We remember that in 2019, the most recent event present, the impact of the literary-artistic theme focused on cultural heritage as a link between the past and the future. Specifically, the path started from a Tommaso Montanari extractwhich in the book “Instructions for the Use of the Future. Cultural Heritage and the Coming Democracy” analyzes the state of Italian cultural heritage art.

But in 2018, the theme is “Unity in Art and Literature,” with excerpts from works by Luigi Pirandello, Salvatore Quasimodo, Francesco Petrarca, Alda Merini, and Emily Dickinson. Whereas, regarding artworks, there were references to “Tramonto sul mare” by Giovanni Fattori, “Automat” by Hopper and “Evening on Viale Karl Johan” by Munch.