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Assassinations and immoral words in the United States

Assassinations and immoral words in the United States

What Obama said after the Sandy Hooke assassination, what Trump said after the Barclays assassination, and what he says today after the Wolde assassination. Laws do not change, frustration increases, so do victims

Obama gave an almost formal response to his successor, Donald Trump Tragedies caused by guns, From the 2011 attack on Gabriel Giffords to the 2016 Dallas attack, killing five police officers as a result. They are conducted Fifteen speeches in the White House, Countless prayers for the dead and a dozen visits to various crime scenes. During his tenure, Obama made a journey from promises of remorse and firm action to anger and ultimately failure. “I’m not naive,” Obama said in Dallas. “I saw how irrelevant my words were“In his second year since the start of the third mass shooting, Trump has faced a different problem. He had difficulty communicating with a grieving audience for personal and political reasons. தவித்தார்.

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