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Civil defense, bad weather, wind and snow sometimes come across the plains

Weather Warning: Civil defense, bad weather, wind and snow can sometimes be a severe warning

Red Alert National Civil Defense Bad weather: heavy rain, snow and strong winds in the central-south

Over the weekend, cold winds from Russia covered Italy, bringing a strong wave of bad weather toward the central-southern Adriatic.

Based on the available forecasts, the Department of Civil Defense, in agreement with the regions concerned – responsible for the implementation of civil defense systems in the affected areas – has issued warnings of adverse weather conditions that could extend previous climates. Meteorological events affecting different parts of the country can be determined in national summary, hydrological and hydraulic reviews reported in the National Critique and Warning

For the day Saturday, March 5:

Rainfall: – Scattered, inverted or temperate, moderate in southern parts of southern Abruzzo and Molise, southern Campania, Buglia, Basilicotta, northern and western Sicily, generally mild over time. Divisions Abruzzo and Molise and in the Adriatic regions of central-northern Puglia; – The rest of the eastern slopes of Abruzzo and Molise, the rest of Sicily, and the Tyrrhenian region of southern Lazio, isolated with low overall levels.

Snowfall: Over 400-600 m in western Piedmont, with weak contribution to soil; In Romagna, Marseille, Abruzzo, Molise and more than 300-500 m above sea level, with moderate contribution to the soil above the Abruzzo Massif, weak elsewhere; Over 500-800 m in central Puglia, Basilicata and eastern and southern Campania, with moderate contribution to soil in southern Campania and western and southern Basilicata, weak in other areas; Initially above 1300-1500 m, up to 800-1000 m, in Calabria and Sicily, with moderate contributions to the ground in Sila and Polino, the amount of snow will decrease to 500-700 m at the end of the day, with the remaining areas being weak. View: No significant event.

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TemperaturesSignificantly reduced maximums in southern Abruzzo, Molise, Puglia, Basilicata and northern Calabria; At least inland northern and flat areas and inland valleys of the center.

Wind: Strong winds are likely along the Upper Adriatic side, Tuscany, Upper Lazio and the Umbrian-Mar Apennines, and inland strong northeast, Umbrian valleys; The northern forts of the county in Sardinia; Strong from the northern hemisphere in the Ionian divisions of Campania, central-southern Buglia, Sicily and Basilicata and central-northern Calabria.

Seas: The North Adriatic is very hard; Beyond the coast, the Ligurian Sea, the Central Tyrrhenian-western part, the Sardinian Sea and in the afternoon, the western part of the Central Adriatic, the southern Tyrrhenian and the Sardinia Canal are very tidal.

Based on the evolution of new forecasts and events, weather forecasts and important forecasts for Italy are updated daily and are available to the public on the Department of Civil Defense’s website ( Rules of conduct to follow during bad weather. Information on regional alert levels, specific critiques that may affect individual territories, and adopted preventive measures are managed by regional civil defense structures, in connection with which the Department monitors the evolution of the situation.