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The kidnapping of the Russian oligarch Mortasho: 65 million boats sealed

The kidnapping of the Russian oligarch Mortasho: 65 million boats sealed

3 million villa in Luca

On the other hand, Oleg Savchenko, seeking a transcription from the Luca Conservatory, was notified of the freeze order issued by Legislative Order 109/2007 issued by the Financial Protection Committee. An additional luxury property called “Villa Lazareci” in the province of Luca was seized from the oligarchy for 3 million euros.

Who are the three oligarchy

Oleg Savchenko – Member of the State Duma who voted in favor of Resolution No. 58243-8 On the appeal of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation he supported the “need for recognition of the Donetsk People’s Republic and the Luhansk People’s Republic to President Putin of the Russian Federation” and advocated policies that would undermine the region. Integrity, Sovereignty e
Ukraine’s independence and will further destabilize Ukraine.

Alexei Mortashov – He is one of the few Russian oligarchs close to Russian President Vladimir Putin. He has $ 26.1 billion in net worth, according to Forbes estimates. The conflict already seems to have accumulated losses of $ 3.3 billion (-11.3%). He was a majority shareholder in the Chevrolet Steel Group, which he led for 19 years as CEO.

Gennady Timchenko – He has $ 21.1 billion in net worth, according to Forbes. It has stakes in various Russian businesses, including gas company Novatech and petrochemical maker Sipur Holding. Timchenko, one of Russia’s most powerful figures, has close ties to President Vladimir Putin.

Financial Security Committee

According to Mef, “the Committee conducted a study on the measures and information exchanges that have been adopted against Russian individuals and companies identified in the lists linked to the regions so far as immobilizing and movable economic resources. giving “.

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