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Direct weather forecast - cold weather return from Russia, rain, snow and heat decline in the next few hours 3B Meteo

Direct weather forecast – cold weather return from Russia, rain, snow and heat decline in the next few hours 3B Meteo

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Rain between Tuscany, Umbria and March, snow up to the mountains – The front of the instability caused by the cold air entering Italy is slowly continuing its march towards the southeast. Currently the events are about southern Tuscany, especially Elba, Piompino, Crozetano, Umbria mainly Perugino and northern Marseille, Bezares, Anconetano and Maseratis. They are usually moderate but reversible with concentrations of up to 10 mm internally. Snow falls at various heights, less than 500 m in the interior and in the Apennine valleys, but averages 700-900 m.

Preparation of fresh winter breath – New impulse of cold currents in the course of night, Third from the end of February, Began to infiltrate the Mediterranean via the port of Bora. The heat variation induced the formation of a slight minimum low pressure in the upper middle diurnal and A precarious front It directly affected Emilia Romagna (especially Romagna), northern Tuscany and Upper March, bringing some rainfall and snowfall to the mountainous heights (400–600 m). At the same time less organized cloud cover affected the lower Tyrrhenian region, bringing some isolated rain between Salernidano and Cosentino. After all nothing else can be reported unless there is a slight scattered cloud over the central south and somewhat northwestern but without significant effects. The clouds moved with the skies over the central north as well, preventing the lows from further receding. In fact, there are some frosts in the Bo Valley, especially in Tuscany that are scarce or non-existent, not even in Tuscany, while in Umbria, Lazio and locally in March we see negative values ​​up to the lowlands and mountains at dawn. The case of Bezares up to the plains.

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The next hour is evolution – The flow of cold air intensifies, introducing cold summers into Italy and always passing through the door of Bora. Up to -6 C at 1450m By the next night. This will result in higher temperature variations and lower minimum pressures in the southern regions, bringing significant instability than is happening during these hours. So currently only weakly unstable time, characters can take over The weekend signifies instability Rainfall, thundershowers and snowfall are particularly low in the southern and mid-Adriatic midlands. But in the meantime, let’s look at the expected time for the next few hours.

Next hour weatherNorth, Emilia Romagna and Irregular Clouds between Northwest, 700-900 m Snowfall in the Emilian and Romagnolo Apennines, isolated events in the Upper Lombardy and East Po Valley. Elsewhere clear or slightly cloudy skies. Center, Tuscany, Umbria and March with unpredictable showers, isolated thundershowers and snowfall of up to 500-700m in the Apennines. In the afternoon, it rains in Lazio and Abruzzo and in the evening worsens with snowfall from an altitude of 900 m. Between evening and night, showers, thunderstorms and snowfall in Abruzzo will intensify to 300-500m and improve elsewhere. South, Some isolated and weak showers, light clouds over Campania and the lower Tyrrhenian Sea with large openings elsewhere. Evening and night showers in Mollis, high Puglia and Campania, isolated thundershowers and snowfall of up to 600-800 m. Temperatures Decreases in the center, fixed elsewhere. Wind Sometimes extending from NE to the upper Tyrrhenian and upper Adriatic, weaker variables elsewhere. The tidal seas or northern hemispheres are very rough, while others have recently moved erratically.

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To find out if weather warnings are active or expected in your area (rain, snow, ice, heat, wind and fog) see our warning maps >> Warnings.

Even in high pressure conditions, at the peak of summer, thunderstorms suddenly form and surprise us, short, localized but sometimes intense: they are called. ‘Heat storms’ Also more in the afternoon and early in the evening.

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