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Christmas in space, where astronauts celebrate


Not only will you be able to unscrew a bottle of sparkling wine by shooting the cork in the air, but also in Void Astronauts celebrate birthday. There is a long tradition of festivities on the International Space Station that is over 50 years old. One of the first teams to spend their “winter vacation” at Cosmos was the brave expedition crew Apollo 8 In 1968. But in 2014 also Italian Samantha Cristoforetti, who will return in the spring of 2022 beyond the confines of Earth’s atmosphere as commander of the International Space Station, celebrated Christmas and New Year in space. Her picture is floating with the Christmas tree wearing a Santa Claus hat On a space station decorated on the occasion, he became an icon.

The first Christmas celebrations in space

On December 25, 1968, the second mission of the Apollo space program was in the universe. The three astronauts on the crew were Commander Frank Bormann, Command Module Pilot James Lovell, and Lunar Module Pilot William Anders. They left on December 21, arrived on Luna Three days later, on the occasion of Christmas Eve, they performed a broadcast Where they recited the first ten verses of Genesis. The next day, they opened their food containers, and found them Christmas surprise: Their wives had made the stuffed turkey and sent bottles of brandy as gifts.

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Five years later, in 1973, astronauts Gerald Carr, William Pogue and Edward Gibson celebrated Christmas in space aboard the first and then only US space station: Skylab 4. The group found it necessary to somehow create a Christmas atmosphere on the spacecraft and make an original Christmas tree Made of canned food. Less lustrous and brighter than traditional fir, but certainly one of a kind.

How do astronauts celebrate in space

On the International Space Station, you can now eat everything Any tacos pizza, supplies that arrive containing foods Of all kinds, even birthday cakes and gifts. Vickie Kloeris, who for 34 years has taken care of astronaut diet He worked as the director of the food system for the International Space Station, but made it clear that they would not be allowed to enter the International Space Station alcoholicNo knives, no chairs. So the limbs are very different from those on Earth. Orthodox Russians, among other things, celebrate Christmas in January, and therefore if they are also present at the space station, the party is doubled. The last Cosmos holidays were the holidays of 2020. She was there on the International Space Station 7 astronauts Among them are five Americans, a Japanese and a Russian. Among the celebrations in the name of cultural differences, the International Space Station has arrived Santa Clause, actually with an animated video. But the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) issued him one Business license Special air cargo delivery services for the exclusive use of the private capsuleStarSleigh-1On board the missileRudolph“. December 25 on the International Space Station is certainly unusual and astronauts must necessarily spend it away from their families, but also in Void Find the right way to celebrate it and bring affection to your loved ones even thousands of kilometers away.

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