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Space, time, consciousness ... different dimensions of reality

Space, time, consciousness … different dimensions of reality

It is difficult to define consciousness.

It always seems to be talking about an abstract concept, something philosophical that doesn’t really exist.

We are used to seeing only what we can touch, measure, and recognize with the five senses as real.

However, from a scientific point of view, the reality Something else is soaked in … Awareness.

Physics has shown that existence is not tangible as much as we might expect because everything is basically made Empty.

Protons, neutrons, and electrons, which are the main components of atoms, often move in empty space and matter is not as full, solid and compact as we imagine it to be.

We are convinced that we are the only repositories of knowledge and we support a world (placed outside of us) for our use and consumption and specially organized to support us.

It does not occur to us that this arbitrary construction is based solely on our perception.

But so far …

An understanding of reality is always the result of observation.

It can be our observation or the observation of scientists, but all knowledge comes from observing our surroundings and … without an observer there is nothing!

The word quantum physics.

The brain realizes that the world has space and time.

This leads us to believe that space and time are essential dimensions of reality.

But we always refer to Our Reality filtered Our The brain notices it before Our Awareness.

The Awareness It is an awareness of what is there It comesWhat all of us know.

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Consciously or unconsciously.

This is the reason when we want a definition Awareness We cannot compare it to a reality that exists outside of us.

Instead, we should consider that Awareness It is what shapes reality as we perceive it and know it.

The Awareness It creates reality, that is, it constantly interprets the information coming from the brain.

Ma la Awareness It just isn’t about awareness and it can be Unconscious.

This complicates things.

During A panic attack The pronoun indicates a strong psychological and physical discomfort.

However, medical tools do not detect any abnormalities in the body.

As for medicine, everything works perfectly.

However, the patient experiences unbearable distress and describes a series of physical symptoms that make him feel as though he is about to die.

In these cases, the perception of reality is conscious but also unconscious.

Awareness because we are aware of suffering.

We are unconscious because this realization is within us but it does not exist Oh really: The body appears healthy and problem-free.

Those who suffer a panic attack experience real pain only in their perception and the causes of this pain (which is also physical) are not found in the body but in a place. Awareness It is what we call psychologists Unconscious.

size Awareness They are not only from our physical awareness.

When talking about Awareness We are referring to something that transcends the five senses and encompasses an intimate, larger truth.

Awareness is a vital principle that envelops all things.

But what are the things ?!

Things that we perceive, study, analyze, explore, experience … we call them reality.

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Life and consciousness are one.

But what life ?!

The life we ​​know, what everyone knows this way, this combination of physical sensations, thoughts, awareness and perceptions that make us feel we are

Could this mix be stopped?

no one knows.

Because there is no before and after for you to check it out.

We can only notice the existence of this named vital principle Awareness Which is constantly intertwined between our being and the experience of life.

The Awareness This is what I am continuously.

Not her before and after.

Because there is no Tribal it’s a after me I can perceive it, remember it, or share it.

It is a timeless gift.

Time and space are the tools that allow Awareness To experience itself.

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