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To ensure a long life for the brain, this aspect that many ignore will be essential

It may be possible to have a healthy mind in old age by following these 6 tips to keep your brain healthy

Everyone wants to live with an active and lively mind for as long as possible. This can only be achieved through strong brain health. However, there is no guarantee that dementia will be completely prevented, but the odds are very good.

Habits play an important role when it comes to maintaining mental fitness during old age. The longer you practice good habits, the greater the positive effect.

It may be possible to have a healthy mind in old age by following these 6 tips to keep your brain healthy

The number one tip for keeping your brain healthy is to get enough sleep and eat low-glycemic foods (such as whole grains, local vegetables and fruits).

Include foods related to slowing cognitive decline such as fish with omega-3 fatty acids (salmon, mackerel), strawberries, blueberries, and dark leafy vegetables (turnips, spinach, broccoli) in your diet. Avoid excessive alcohol intake, but limit yourself to just one glass of wine a day.

Sleep is very important for brain health. People who sleep less than seven hours a night are more likely to develop dementia. During sleep, the brain gets rid of waste products, including excess amyloid proteins, which contribute to the development ofAlzheimer’s disease.

The second tip is to train your memory to communicate

Socializing, having friends, and caring for other humans are all good for our brains.

The third tip, contrary to what one might think, we should not use any multitasking, but should focus only on one thing and one goal at a time.

3 more tips to keep your mind healthy

You can have a healthy mind in old age by following these additional tips.

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And the fourth is to give space to emotions, because they are what make experiences unforgettable.

The fifth tip is to use your brain to do the math mentally, to find the correct path (without a navigator) and to remember the events that occurred during the day (for example, commit yourself in the evening to remember five events that occurred during the day).

The last but not the last tip is to turn your mind off every now and then. Breaks, mental relaxation, are very important to keep the brain healthy and active until old age. This helps reduce stress and the stress hormone cortisol, which in large amounts leads to reduced brain oxygenation and even brain deficit. So, And also follow 6 other tipsAnxiety can also be pushed away.

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