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Chiara Ferragni as you’ve never seen her before: the “destroyed” image


Claire Feragny He returns to social media after a three-day silence. Many wondered if something had happened to the digital entrepreneur. Which, while not explaining the reasons for the social detox, gave no warning signs. In fact, in the latest photos posted on Instagram, we see her happy and calm in the company of her family and friends on vacation in Ibiza.

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Happy to have nearly 30 million followers back. In fact, many wrote to her: “Welcome home.” In summary, she wrote: “Hello I’m back”, and therefore decided not to explain the reasons for this absence. Then, in later stories, he wanted to keep his fans updated on his holidays, posting videos and photos showing the activities of the past few days.

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Like her, her husband also, Fedez, away from social media for a few days. After returning to Instagram, the influencer posted snapshots of the past days in a post and wrote: “These days are offline.” In the latest photos posted on social media, she can be seen between the sea, the sun and the family. In some photos, in fact, he is with his two children, Leon and Vittoria; She shows herself in a bikini on other occasions. In other cases it can be seen floating in the sea in a state of complete relaxation.

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