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The shaggy dog ​​goes to the groomer: the result is surprising – video

The shaggy dog ​​goes to the groomer: the result is surprising – video

A cute little dog with shaggy fur that desperately needs a groomer visit and after being ordered ready to go out.

Here he is all upset with his sweet little face and his paws up, but what is he asking for? Maybe you want a new hairstyle before going to the park to meet friends?

Source of the katsutheyorkie Instagram pup –

But he is handsome like that, shaggy and cute, a little crazy, how will he become after going to the nanny?

A little dog in the “Hairdresser” how his appearance changes

One Yorkies He poses for the photo, poses like a “little guy” but how good. Paws raised to greet his fans over his profile Instagram katsutheyorkieTheir number is greater than ever.

But why this shot? Is it just a greeting or a small one Yorkies Are you preparing for an event? In fact, the photo was just a simple tribute to her fans, but looking at it, we notice that the hair has grown a bit and in this heat, a nice cut is just as good.

So, it’s decided, we go to personal care for a new look. What will a small dog look like after a strategic cut? Here he is again in a second take with a new hairstyle. Fans comment appreciating both the before and after cuts.

Indeed, the yorkie is always pretty, in the first shot standing with paws up and in the second sitting, short hair and tongue. Very pleasant @tweet And receives 431,111 likes on Instagram in a few moments.

Undoubted success. Even the comments are many and of a different tone, here are some of them. A fan wrote that “It was good before and after”while another said. “I know you had to cut the hair but I preferred it earlier.”

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Another fan also wrote that I preferred it Yorkie “fluffy”That is, with soft, shaggy hair. But there are many who appreciate the cut afterwards, and send many hearts. Someone asks what breed a small dog is and we answer here that it is one Yorkshire Terriersfor those who don’t know.

It’s a dog small size Depending on the type they can have different heights. Its fur is known for being soft and similar to human hair. Born to hunt, lol Yorkshire soon became dog And more women are choosing to always carry them with them, even in their purse.

In this video you can see the little dog before going to the care center and after the wound. How do you like it?