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Cheers to Monza in Rocky City – La Vos de New York

The City of Love and Rights Philadelphia, the City of the Declaration of Independence, the City of Rocky, and the City of the Hastily Built Staircase; the city of South Philly, one of the most representative Italian-American neighborhoods in the history of Italian immigration to the United States; Cheeseburger City, 76ers, of the Eagles, and now the city of the first AC Monza fan club in the United States, “Club Monza Philly”. It seems really strange, a lot, especially because in the same province of Monza and Brianza you can count on the fingers of one of the fan clubs associated with the local team.

then? How do we get to the city of Villa Reale and the city of brotherly love? As in the best stories, the ones that build, it all begins with a tragedy. In 2009 Stefano Biacini ran the magnificent “Gran Cafè l’Aquila” in the Piazza del Duomo in the capital of Abruzzo. Earth tremor and earthquake and everything canceled in space tremor. Stefano emerges from the rubble and is reassured by his passions: café and football, as well as a mental strength that transcends any speech. Three years have passed and Biasini heads abroad, as many people from Abruzzo before him did between the end of the nineteenth century and the beginning of the twentieth century. “I immigrated to the United States and revived “Gran Cafè L’Aquila” in Chestnut Street in the heart of Philadelphia -Tells- Not far from Pizza Joe my friend Vito“.

Stefano Biacini and Vitaliano Lisieux

Vito is Vitaliano Lisieux and when Biacini arrived in Philadelphia, a strong friendship was born between the two, bolstered by a strong passion for football. One from Interista (Vito) and one from Milanista (Stefano), two of whom gave life to Monza Philly: “Monza’s passion was born four years ago when President Berlusconi bought the club. I’ve been a Milanista since I was born and I knew Berlusconi and Galliani would do great things -explains Biasini, the real driver of the project in which Lizzio was involved- It only took him a few seconds to get his yes due to the strong bond he has with the city of Monza where some of his best friends still live today.. We knew that at first no one would support us given the lack of Monza’s coat of arms, and of course the category he played in.Monza then reaches Serie B, at the same time growing interest in the fan club and in the Gran Cafè l’Aquila, which becomes a meeting place for football fans in Philadelphia and a meeting point for other fan clubs in the Italian league teams such as Milan, Napoli, Roma, Inter and Juventus.

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On the day of the second leg of the Monza-Pisa qualifiers at the Gran Café, more than thirty fans, in addition to the usual customers, gathered, and at the end of the match that authorized a class change, the race could only be kept under the stairs by Roque. The club is now starting to consolidate and the projects are also increasing: “We plan to reach at least 50 entries before the start of the season – explains Biasini again- Vito takes care of marketing which can also be purchased online. Our goal is to be able to create a twinning between Monza and Philadelphia to organize events in America and advertise Monza Club and its beautiful city, so we also count on the help of the club itself.Between a five-a-side football match and Sunday as fans, Stefano and Vito passionately continue to be the first red-and-white American fan club in Streets of PhiladelphiaBasketball, Football, and Baseball Land:But do you want to put the adrenaline in with your heart beating a thousand, when the net swells!? Vito and I have a strong feeling that the best is yet to come! Come to Monza! “.

Who knows that now the sign will not arrive from Monza and that the dream of twinning with the city and the red and white team will not really come true, to celebrate with MonzA flavored ice cream made by Biasini, who is also the champion of Italian ice cream.