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“Milan Taranto” stopped in Piazza Carmine, 160 participants from different countries • Claros

“Milan Taranto” stopped in Piazza Carmine, 160 participants from different countries • Claros

Sports, history and venue promotion: Old Samnit Club Which fosters and enhances the passion for historical vehicles, based in Piedmontese Matese, continues to offer the best and will repeat itself in the coming days with other proposals: after the last edition of the “100km of Matese”, the new date will be there Sunday evening, July 3 in the Sorgente del Torano on the occasion of Illuminarti, the event that revives the historic center of Piedimonte Matese; And in a more full and vibrant way the next day July 7 Celebrating the passage in Rafeeq 35 Milan TarantoAnd the Re-enactment of the historic cars that cross Italy And that in Piedmont, Matisse will stop for a while gastronomic stop On the stage connecting Cassino to Potenza (the national event brochure dedicates a in-depth information sheet).

Swiss couple at Milan Taranto 2018 edition

Thanks to the availability of the Antichi Sanniti Club, which will benefit from the cooperation of some local associations (Coldiretti Caserta, Pro Loco Vallata, Byblos, Cuore Sannita and Sanniti Riders), the caravan on two wheels will stop at Carmen Square from 11 to 14 approx To control the vehicles and revive the centaur: there will be a total of 160 participants from different countries (Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, UK, France, USA, Canada) Among the organizers, darts, scouts, mechanics, relay teams, photographers, timekeepers, medical and technical staff, interpreters, logistics crew … among them the tastersreal examiners of the welcome dedicated to the sports caravan and attentive observers of the places you will cross: a real jury that at the end of the event (why not!) can identify Piedmontese Mattisi to be among the best d’Italy in terms of hospitality and beauty. Therefore, Piedmont will provide the necessary parking space and reviewed, and above all to enjoy the gastronomic moment reserved for international guests, which is the best welcome rest for those who travel and cross the luggage compartment in search of wonders and unknown places to return to… .
to me Central Carmen Squarea crossroads of city traffic – cars and urban – but also a space for many BusinessThursday will be a day full of great action but also a day of appearance. Citizens just have to join the party and prepare for the arrival Historic Engines Which will make Italy feel even more alone for a few days.

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The club has grown and “confessed” beyond the boundaries of Matesi
The Old Samnit Club Founded in 2006, since 2018 it has been federated toASI (Automotoclub Storico Italiano) brings to Piedmont and the surrounding areas a new way to experience the association – always beautiful – with the history of motors that is also the history of Italy and Europe. So far it has about 600 members: most of them are old car owners; The others, about a hundred, are those who, in addition to their passion for old engines, periodically organize events and through them promote the area.

“We have to speak to the territory by proposing the purposes for which the club was born: to recover and recall anyone who owns old cars and to create the assembly,” he explains Annamaria la Pina (Pictured), spokesperson for Matese Club, “But above all to promote the region with its scenic and cultural beauty. Navigating our events allows us to cross countries and landscapes, to get to know them, to love and respect them better. In addition to introducing them to many enthusiasts like us, coming from the counties of or other regions, and who often join our convoys.”

So, vintage cars and motorcycles are not just polished and admired in garages, but to be enjoyed all together and restored to function…” Authenticity means to enhance not only the historical value but the whole era they came from and who worked and built… In our events we were asked to There shall be “golden plates” which are ancient vehicles authentic in all their components; this choice which somewhat reduces participation, and instead gives greater quality to the proposal and greater interest on the part of the curious; after all, our events are also a spectacle to be seen and presented to the public in A fun moment of social connection but also of historical memory.”

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The extent to which Club Antichi Sanniti has grown is evidenced by the constant demand for organizing events that comes from the many municipalities of Campania: “Our members are the best advertisement”, continues Annamaria La Penna; “Their satisfied participation in the events we organize in Matese becomes a proposal for similar events in the towns and cities from which they come. Next July 23 Actually we will be in Castel Volturno ea September In Mignano Monte Lungo: everything becomes a beautiful and fruitful cooperation between local associations, municipal administrations, merchants and other bodies. And from the commitment of everything that arises from the success of the event, the pleasure of being together and strengthening the regions.”

To know: On the occasion of the “100 km del Matese” event, the Antichi Sanniti Club involved students of the Industrial Institute of Piedimonte Matese – Fashion Address to design “matching” vintage clothing for the vehicles on display and on the road. A step back in animating history. The ultra-modern boys clothes at Matisi are well worn.