Tuesday, July 23, 2024

ChatGPT is now more informed | From today you can access the network as Jarvis


News from ChatGPT. OpenAi’s AI is now more fact-aware thanks to a major update. Unfortunately, to access this new version, it is not enough to connect to the site that is open to everyone. Let’s see why.

What always sets ChatGPT apart from other AI systems available to the general public, such as Google’s Bard and Microsoft’s Bing? Network access. ChatGPT is actually a language model that helps users through its ability to rely on information it “learned” during development and the “generative” technology that allows it to do so. Providing additional details generates answers with a high probability of reliability. GPT stands for Generative Transformer Pre-Trained, so everything the AI ​​knows is prepared in advance.

Since you don’t have access to the Internet, ChatGPT may not be aware of this Post-hoc data for her trainingThat’s by saying September 2021. Any questions regarding events after that period will be answered by the AI ​​with this answer: I’m sorry, but my training ends in September 2021, so I cannot provide current or accurate information about events, data or developments after that date..

Just do a little test, after all. We asked him when Queen Elizabeth II died and his answer left no room for doubt: ChatGPT doesn’t know that the Queen of England is dead. It’s a big problem as the world moves forward and it’s really limited to ask questions to an AI that knows nothing about what happened after September 2021.

Well, ChatGPT has finally received a very important update. From today you will have access to the Internet.

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ChatGPT Updates: Now he should really know everything

This isn’t the first time OpenAi has tried to give its creator access to the network, but it was forced to temporarily back down. A week after launch Browse using the Bing plugin By the creator of ChatGPT, the feature was disabled after this was discovered Users can access paid content. This was of course a clear violation, so the plugin was removed. However, Internet access has remained a key goal in making ChatGPT a truly trustworthy AI. OpenAi is back in charge and has finally achieved its goal.

Browsing the Internet using Browse with Bing is now available, which means users can get… Real-time information after the September 2021 deadline Data used to train the model. OpenAI posted the announcement on X (formerly Twitter).

We’ve received a lot of feedback“OpenAI said about X.”The updates include robots.txt tracking and user agent identification, so sites can control how ChatGPT interacts with them.. To clarify: the robots.txt file, which was implemented in Robot exclusion protocoltells search engine crawlers which URLs they can access on the site

So Robots.txt is the file that allows web crawlers to access the contents of the site. Crawlers are programs that periodically search and index a website. Many sites have chosen to block OpenAI’s GTTBot web crawler because it could lead to copyright violations. Therefore, even though it is connected to the Internet, ChatGPT will not be able to access news sites such as New York Times, Washington Post, The Guardian, Reuters, CNN, Amazon, wikiHow, Quora, Shutterstock and Indeed.

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ChatGPT combined with the Internet is a powerful tool, with or without access to some of the most important websites in the world. From now on, users will be able to get real-time information about current events – e.g. X (formerly Twitter) did not block accessThis means that ChatGPT will be able to “read” tweets and use them to provide information about public figures and companies registered on Elon Musk’s social media network.

There is another “but” besides websites that have decided to block AI. This enhanced version of ChatGPT is not available to everyone. Only users who have ChatGPT Plus account – At a cost of 20 euros per month – Ed project – The version intended for companies – they will be able to use it. However, it appears that the catchment area is expected to expand. Also, for the plugin to work, you need to enable chat history, which means You agree to share your personal data to train the model.


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