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TV, home, app volume and many new programs -

TV, home, app volume and many new programs –

Microsoft today announced the global distribution ofOctober update for Xbox Series X | S and Xbox OneWhich brings with it several System software news From consoles as well as for consoles, apps, and the Xbox Game Bar.

The Download It is available today and has a total size of about 786 MB. As reported by Xbox Wire, the October update for Xbox introduces several new features and additional commands for the interface, while tweaking other aspects as well.

Xbox, the new choice for TV volume control

Among the novelties we find the possibility to change the size of the TV directly from the console, as long as it is connected with an HDMI cable, through the Consumer Electronics Control (CEC) protocol.

As it has also been reported in the past, it is possible to remove the sound that is normally heard when the console is turned on through a new option in the Additional Options and Audio section. Some changes have also been made to the option associated withSetting up the “main” consoleThis is the one that allows you to use games even offline and share your library with other users on the same console.

The option can be changed 5 times a year, and is now more clearly represented with some other interpretations in the Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One. Status names have changed close From the console, which is now called “shutdown” for full shutdown and “hibernation” for standby. Passkeys and guest keys are now managed through Microsoft PINs, which should speed up the process.

The update also brings with it a firmware update for the Xbox console, while the Xbox app now lets you cut and edit recorded videos directly, which is now possible through the Xbox Game Bar with live sharing on

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