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Here comes the super blue moon, seen in the night sky between August 30 and 31

Here comes the super blue moon, seen in the night sky between August 30 and 31

On the night between August 30th and 31st, our eyes will be drawn to a cosmic display unlike any seen in the solar year. Supermoon blue. An exceptional event that will witness the arrival of the full moon of exceptional size. Most impressive of the whole yearwith the second full moon in the same month: cosmic fortune, given that the last conjunction occurred in January 2018 and the next conjunction is expected in January 2037.

At 3:37 a.m. on August 31, the moon will reach full moon phase Just nine hours after it passed rock bottomIt is the closest point to Earth in this orbit. Because of this overlap between the full moon and the transition to perihelion, which is commonly referred to as a supermoon, our satellite will appear about 7% enlarged and slightly brighter than usual”, explains Gianluca Massi, Scientific Director of the Virtual Telescope Project.

Upturned noses at a time sunset or from dawntowards the constellation from Aquarius. During the night, the glow will be dim compared to the dim brightness of the surrounding landscape, creating an optical illusion of an enlarged lunar disk. In fact, we must remember that it is only an optical effect, caused by the presence of reference points of the environment within the field of view.

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