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Here are the 3 steps you can take to protect yourself from spying

Here are the 3 steps you can take to protect yourself from spying

WhatsApp: Here’s how to protect yourself from spying using your privacy settings. Don’t worry, it will only take a few seconds. Let’s find out in detail the steps to be taken.

Most people use WhatsApp to share messages, photos, and documents. This application is also useful for hearing people who are far from us, but not only, we can also decide to make video calls or calls, without spending even a single euro.

Are they spying on you on WhatsApp? Here’s the new feature

Definitely one of the best inventions of the last period, because in addition to being very simple it is completely free. Unfortunately, our privacy is always at risk. Few people know how to protect their sensitive data, fortunately today we are going to reveal a trick to avoid spies.

Moreover, its functions are really simple, also because the privacy settings are constantly updated. for example, You can prevent others from joining us in groups We don’t like it and above all we can improve our experience on the app.

So let’s find out how to protect yourself from spies on Whatsapp. Are you curious to know how it works? Let’s see it together.

WhatsApp: Here’s how to protect yourself from spies

More and more people are installing Whatsapp on their mobile phone and it is really hard to find someone who has it. On the other hand, in addition to being completely free, it allows you to exchange messages, photos, videos, and even documents.

Unfortunately, our privacy is not always secure, especially if we do not activate some features. That is why today we will reveal how to protect yourself from spies. The first thing to do is to change the file settings aggregate directly on WhatsApp.

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Then go to the main page, where we see a list of the most recent chats, now click on the three dots in the upper right and then select “SettingsNow a new page will open, at the top you can see your name with a series of entries. Click on the first and go to the privacy section.

whatsapp spy trick
Whatsapp: Here is the trick to avoid spying

Now we just have to select the best settings to protect our personal data, here you can Decide who can see the time we entered, who can see the profile picture, and whether or not you want to put the blue tick.

But that is not all, we can also decide whether to prevent others from joining WhatsApp groups or not. This way it will be sent to us first So. To activate it, you have to go to the Groups section and then click on your preferences.

Now you just have to follow these steps literally. What do you think that?