Monday, July 22, 2024

Car scams, spend €6 now and get fined €100 later. You have to do it right away


Tricks to save

Car experts suggest tricks to save more than €100 in fines by spending just six euros

It is known that you cannot use your smartphone while holding it in your hand while you are behind the wheel, this is prohibited under the Highway Code and if you are caught you may face. Fines Very salty.

However, it is not forbidden to listen to music or use a sat nav device, what is important is that your hands are free, so it is important to have a smartphone holder for cars. A good cell phone holder costs approximately €1.50-€23 So it is worth spending the money Instead of paying a hefty fine.

There are no exact rules about where to place a smartphone holder in a car, but it’s simple trick Really useful. However, the Highway Code reminds us that the windshield and windows of the car must be free to allow the driver a clear view to avoid unpleasant accidents.

The best places to put your device are away from the steering wheel and windows so you don’t risk a police warning.

Tricks to save money

Regulations Traffic Laws They are constantly evolving and it is completely normal for drivers to make mistakes. In fact, there are some Discounts Which perhaps no one is aware of. So it’s important to make it clear to try this Memorizes Wherever possible.


So let’s see what are the possibilities to get some Discounts: Anyone receiving a fine can get a 30% discount if they make the payment no later than 5 days from the date of the dispute or notification. the gravity Alternatively, within thirty days of the dispute occurring, it is possible to appeal justice of peace, Competent in the city where the dispute occurred, by paying a fee of 43 euros you can appeal Free To the governor.

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When you take one fine However, through a speed camera, it is possible to request data to formalize the calibration of the speed camera, which may be incorrect if it is not calibrated once a year. If the speed camera has not been calibrated for more than a year, go to the governor victory From the believer’s reason! This is what probability is all about Save money or avoid paying fines. Unfortunately, often times those who do not know these factors, even though they know they are right, pay the fine because they do not know how to handle the situation. We have instead seen a way to do so Saving or avoiding fines exists It avoids unnecessary expenses.


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