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Friuli, more debts, less savings: financing requests are increasing

Friuli, more debts, less savings: financing requests are increasing

Financing requests are increasing in Friuli.

Even the increase in interest rates did not stop the phenomenon: No Funding requestin Friuli, Italy Growing up From year to year. And the danger is Excessive indebtedness From families.

The alarm has been raised FirstCisl Analysis Based on data from the Bank of Italy: from 2016 to 2023, consumer credit in Italy increased from 107 to 154 billion euros, an increase of 44%. In our region, the number is even higher.

“the Consumer credit data – He cites the FirstCisl report – they are more interesting when compared to public reports Loans for families: Compared to the former, the latter rose by less than a third (14% versus 44%), moving from 522 to 595 billion in the period under consideration. Loans for consumption purposes, as reported by the Bank of Italy, It now represents a quarter of total funding for families “With regard to disposable income, it reached 12.8%, which is a higher value than the Eurozone average (9.6%).”

National situation However, they are not homogeneous: The Northwest and Northeast have higher than average numbers. In Fvg, consumer loans are It rose from 1.93 billion euros in 2016 to more than 2.9 in 2023, An increase of 50.4%. An increase that, although higher than the Italian average, is the lowest in the northeast of the country (which represents +55.4%) and remains certainly lower than that in Trentino-Alto Adige which represents the record of +68%.

“there Very large growth in consumer credit It must be evaluated very carefully. The high proportion of disposable income compared to the European average leads us to assume that there are many families In this way they finance the ongoing expenses to maintain their lifestyle Or for Dealing with difficult situations – confirms the Secretary General of First Cisl Ricardo Colombani -. In fact, despite rising interest rates, the rush to borrow is not slowing down: it probably will Speed ​​in granting funding This ends up trumping every other consideration as well On actual comfort Financing.

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“the New consumer credit formulaseven those with low interest-free installments such as “buy now, pay later,” Encouraging people to consumeBut they risk identifying cases of over-indebtedness – Colombani adds -. For these reasons it is appropriate to reinforce Transparency guaranteesGiving more publicity to data and information and making systematic investments Educational processes to raise awareness Individual and collective.