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Car revolution, everything is changing now: news coming soon

Car revolution, everything is changing now: news coming soon

For all modern vehicles that have connectivity to multimedia applications, there is something new coming. Here's which one.

Modern cars are a mass of technology. The period when mechanics reigned supreme seems light-years away. When I entered the cockpit I found a steering wheel, gearbox and a few other things. Today, four wheels are equipped with all kinds of services, from automatic climate control, to digital instruments, from the infotainment system, to variable lighting, rather than voice input. In short, today's passenger compartments are extensions of the home, filled with accessories to make the time spent inside as pleasant as possible.

Google updates for electric cars (Canva) –

It is clear that in the face of this situation, manufacturers and suppliers of the technological part are forced to constantly develop. And those who own a car of the latest generation should know that soon there will be an important update related to the infotainment functions. Google actually announced that Android Automotive will be equipped with new features.

These developments were demonstrated in the context of the CES exhibition in Los Angeles As mentioned, it will concern cars equipped with this software such as Polestar and Volvo, while at a later stage it will also be expanded to include only those with Android Auto service.

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The reason why the search engine giant did this An important upgrade of the operating system is the need to adapt to the needs of modern vehicles, on all battery-operated ones. But let's see specifically what this improvement consists of. One of the new aspects relates to the possibility of real-time insight into the vehicle's autonomy. The function will be integrated into Google Maps. Specifically, you will be able to see how much energy is left once you reach your destination and will be able to plan stops along the way. Furthermore, it will be possible to estimate shipping times.

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Specifically on the subject of energy recovery, thanks to version 11.1 of Android Auto it will be possible to see at the same time the list of charging stations located along the route, in addition to the regular service stations. Among the first vehicles compatible with these new features are the Ford Mustang Mach-E and F-150 Lightning.

Google updates for electric cars (Canva) –

This way, you will be able to make a clear plan for the trip you are going to take and everything will be much simpler, because it will also be possible to send the itinerary from your smartphone to the car. There is another important step involved Access a customized version of Chrome, so you can navigate through your saved bookmarks.

Also good news for those who travel frequently with children on board. We all know how difficult it can be to keep your kids calm, especially if you have to stay in a confined space like a car for several hours. Well, for them there will be specific entertainment apps like PBS Kids or Chrunchyroll. Finally, no less important is the introduction of the Weather Channel, a function that allows you to always be aware of the weather you will encounter at your point of arrival.