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Cancer, there is a food to be completely avoided: it is on everyone's table

Cancer, there is a food to be completely avoided: it is on everyone’s table

Cancer is an increasingly rising disease. It is an enemy that does not exclude anyone, avoid this food

there a lot of food which can increase risk a cancer. And there’s one in particular out completely to avoid. This is exactly any one. Every day we usually prepare the table with the most diverse foods. Sometimes, due to time constraints, we tend to prepare the quickest. However, the speed of preparing a particular food is not always an advantage.

Some junk food is too More dangerousspeaking in context health. especially Processed meatspecifically me sausageIt turned out to be the most dangerous. This is one of the reasons we find ourselves facing Cancer Origins.

As mentioned by the site daily bedL’International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) of the World Health Organizationtalk about Risks happened because of Processed meat. Specifically, he has stated that it may be less dangerous to eat red meat frequently, rather than processed meat which would be true. more carcinogenic.

This is the food that should be avoided, it increases the risk of cancer

Cancer is one food to avoid

a belief Which was only accessed after years of study and research. The World Health Organization has included this element in Black listIn short, in the category of foods that can be very harmful and can lead to a cancer. Among the various researches that have been conducted, the research conducted by the University of California and San Diego School of Medicine is particularly noteworthy.

As it turns out that people who take huge amounts of red meatThey have a higher risk of taking cancer. The exciting reason is that there is a type of sugar inside mammals, which we ourselves feed on once we consume that particular meat. it’s Jane, CMAHIt is present in mammals but not found in humans.

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this is gene It is not present in Poultry and in rabbitsfor this reason consumption white meat Instead of red meat. Processed meats can be just as dangerous as smoking and alcohol when consumed in above-average amounts. The presence of this gene, thanks to these studies, has shown its seriousness.

That’s why it is best to be very careful with your power supplyTo avoid exposure to various damages over time. Sometimes it also means confrontation very serious diseases.