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Who should apply for it? Self-certification form »

€200 bonus: who should apply for it? self-certification form

Self-certification form for the €200 scholarshipFrom next month, you will be able to take advantage of the €200 bonus. But how is this achieved? Compensation will be recognized automaticallyequally for all, once and after obtaining permission from the employee by the employer.

The €200 will be given to all employees from employers, both public and private, regardless of whether they assume the nature of an entrepreneur or not, provided that the monthly salary limit is respected (Taxable for social security purposes) 2,692 euros, the famous 35,000 euros annually.
Then INPS clearly specified that one-time compensation is owed to employees only once, even if they hold several employment relationships. So, in case of a worker having multiple employment relationships, Only one employer will be able to claim the bonusAnd the He states that he has not actually submitted an application equal to the others.

It should also be specified, as also reported by the newspaper Corriere della Serawhich – which for staffpublic or private, will serveSelf-certification to get a bonus of 200 Euro: employees will have to fill in a lonliness and hand it over to your employer, to receive a one-time allowance of €200 directly in the salary slip; The employer will then be compensated by the INPS.

The self-certification form (which we see above) should contain some specific data: personal data, tax code, name of the employer and company, employee requirements.

Here is the link to download it

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