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By using these psychological tricks you are spending more in the discount store and if you don’t know it then you are in trouble

By using these psychological tricks you are spending more in the discount store and if you don’t know it then you are in trouble

There is no supermarket that does not adopt visual systems and psychological tricks that help sell the goods on the shelves.

This sales policy is also valid in discount stores, as many of them are known to be looking for more accessible prices. However, even here we must not let our guard down, if we do not want to go home with products that we did not intend to buy.

How does psychological state influence our choices?

They are part of the human psyche Intellect, emotion, intuition and will Which each of us possesses, and which influence our choices in different ways.

It is thought to be Free to make choices It happens every day, but unfortunately it’s not quite like that, or at least not always.

Psychological tricks, woman checking receipt – wine and

actually Depending on the level of thinking we are atand how many of us The conscious brain is in itself, In the act we take, we are free to choose. We realize this every time we come home and ask ourselves: But why the hell did I buy this?“.

Many of us do not know how to answer, others attribute the decision to the pressure on the seller, however The discourse is much broader and more continuous. Just look atsupermarket trolley, This is one of the places where we are most often exposed to psychological tricks.

lights, colours, music and sounds, Not even in the background much, they just do nothing distract the mind To the “buyer” who requests the purchase. As if we came in to enjoy the deafening music sometimes, soo koInciting sounds are echoed Buy the offered product.

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“Today is the day to buy three and buy one of this product” And that sound of saving is sometimes hard to resist, even if we don’t need to The impulse to buy is strong!

Studies in the human psyche

According to the results of some studies, there are four levels of thinking in the individual that affect his choices: Emotional, mental, intuitive and physical.

As for the emotional level, this, as it is easy to understand, depends on the feelings that we feel in the face of an event, which we can Evaluate it as positive or negative.

There are three ways to define things. One is Use your head And Think about the advantages and disadvantages. It’s another thing to use your heart and follow what it tells you. The other is to use the body and feel what it makes us feel.

But these three ways of deciding things, They don’t always agree. So we have to do that Learn to use all three wellTo be able to make choices that we like and that help us achieve what we want, even when we go to the supermarket to shop.

Psychological tricks in the discount store

But what are these exactly? psychological tricks? They start even before entering the supermarket with the cart, it’s big and spacious and they fill it up, It almost feels like a chore to do.

Stand in line with this cart Almost emptyTo some it may seem like an affront to one’s dignity as a buyer.

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Not only that, in fact even Strategic product arrangementsOr tailored lighting, everything is meant to influence consumer behaviour. attractive colors, The provisions that draw the attention of those who enter are the elements of that They use psychology To stimulate impulsive buying and thus increase trading volume.

One might think that you can only buy what you need when you need it. But whether it’s food, clothes, or tools, Traders use the power of psychological persuasion to influence your decisions and help you Spend your money.
And in this too Often change the order of products on the aisles And the shelves take their toll.

Psychological tricks, a large shopping cart in the supermarket

Psychological tricks, big cart in the supermarket –

It suffices to resort to a symbolic memory, how many times have we entered a supermarket to buy toilet paper or ketchup for a hamburger, to discover that The store design has changed. Maybe the toilet paper isn’t where you expected it, or you’re having trouble finding ketchup.

But why do stores like to move everything? The answer is simple. Changing the location of items in the store means that we, the customers, are exposed to seeing items that we weren’t supposed to buy And we wander We search for what we need or want.

Man from behind in supermarket aisle

Man from behind in supermarket aisle –

Well so just the trick, thanks the distracted consumer A little present for itself can often lead to unplanned expenses increasing dramatically, as well Let’s add more items to our cartoften impulsively, because we spend more time in the store.

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