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In a few days we won’t be missing Saturn in its full splendor!

In a few days we won’t be missing Saturn in its full splendor!

Make way for the King of Augustus, Saturn: on the 27th of the month the Lord of the Rings will be in opposition to the Sun, and visible all night, at maximum brightness and at minimum distance from the Earth. Theoretically, the planet would be visible to the naked eye, but with a telescope we can also enjoy amazing detail on its famous rings. Not to be missed!

An unmissable opportunity to see Saturn: in two days, the next day Aug 27The Lord of the Rings will be facing the sun, visible all night, At its maximum luminosity and at its lowest distance from Earththe best possible observation conditions (weather permitting).

As INAF explainsthe opposition is aligned with the transitive planet (in this case Saturn) and is on the opposite side of the Earth compared to the Sun. For this to happen at night, the planet must be outside the Earth’s orbit.

In this case, the planet provides the best observing conditions since it was at the lowest distance from Earth (just over one billion and 310 million kilometers) and it is still standing Visible all night. And Saturn, in particular, will be as well Visually visible to the naked eye (But that’s better, at least with good binoculars.) But with a telescope we can enjoy amazing detail even in its famous rings.

Saturn opposition August 27, 2023

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As reported by UAI, the planet will be visible first in the southeast, then southward in the central hours of the night, and finally in the southwest before sunrise and will continue to move slowly with a retrograde motion within the constellation. Dell’ Aquarium (in the map Sky August 27, 2023 around 11.00 pm).

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source: UAI

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