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By the end of the week, there will be strong bad weather;  Heavy rain and snow will arrive between Saturday and Sunday

By the end of the week, there will be strong bad weather; Heavy rain and snow will arrive between Saturday and Sunday

Weather forecast for the weekend

Get ready for a very stormy weekend as a vortex brings heavy rain and heavy snow to our mountains.

After the first disturbance of worsening weather starting in our northern parts, with cloud cover rapidly increasing and rain expected over the next few hours and into Friday. The prospects for the weekend aren't great.

Saturday the 24th In the north, the morning will be dry, although there will be some snow in the Alpine mountains. However, a general worsening is expected during the afternoon, with scattered rain and snow below. 800 meters Taller, stronger Lombardy, Liguria e Piedmont Oriental. Elsewhere, however, the weather will be drier and a generous spell of sunshine may also appear.
Even in the central regions and in Sardinia, after a morning characterized by an overall calm climate, weather disturbances will have to be faced in the afternoon hours: in fact, irregular rains and some thunderstorms are expected, mainly affecting Tuscany e Sardiniawith sporadic episodes of inclement weather Umbria e Lazio. Except for snow events, the rest of the region will have more sunshine, which may affect the Appanines 1200-1400 meters in height.
Finally, about Suite And this SicilyThe environment is characterized by overcast skies and widespread rain, especially in the island. CalabriaOn top of that Basilicata and in the Mid-South regions Puglia; Rather less intense or less localized events Campania. Some snowfall is possible in higher mountain areas.

with arrival Sunday, February 25 We expect bad weather to intensify in the south, with rain expected to last most of the day.
But the public holiday will also be quiet in other parts of Italy. Apart from a light snowfall in the Alps, the Mid-North will enjoy mainly sunny weather in the mornings, while from the afternoon onwards, we will have a New rapid deteriorationfrom Northwest Later on in the extension Tuscany e Sardinia, increasingly widespread rain and snow falls on the mountains. This new evil is caused by another Cyclone spin It will also affect the first days of the next week.

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