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Bonus 200 euro dal 7 dicembre

Bonus 200 euros from December 7th: this is for whom

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In this short guide, we will find out in detail who will get the bonus €200 bonus from December 7th presented with the Draghi government (Find out the latest news about the €150 bonus and then Read on Telegram All news about INPS payments. Get the latest updates about rewards, personal finance and work on your mobile phone every day: enter whatsapp group In the Facebook group. Follow us also on on instagram all your questions. Watch free bonus video guides on YouTube channel. To continue reading the article from your mobile, click on «Read on» after the image below).


€200 bonus from December 7th, here’s who gets it

Who are the citizens who are still waiting for a one-time compensation for the cost of living? which was supposed to arrive by November? We remind you that the bonus has already been paid in recent months to all recipients of unemployment benefits, such as agricultural unemployment, new social insurance for employment and dis-coll.

Specifically, Inps, after the payments are done processing, provide support For those who are waiting for it after submitting an application to INPS. what do you mean by that? Many of them did not receive the €200 bonus and for this reason they sent the application to the INPS. In this regard, the Institute has begun to provide support to those who deserve it.

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The condition for receiving the support is to work for at least 50 days in 2021, therefore, the following beneficiaries are:

  • Tourism workers
  • agricultural workers
  • Those who work in services
  • School fragility

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In short, for those who have applied for compensation and are waiting for a one-time, €200 bonus from December 7th. Let’s go right away to find out how to check accreditation. Read all that is INPS Payments Schedule through December 15, 2022.

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€ 200 bonus from December 7, here’s how to check the support approval

How can I check my €200 bonus deposit from December 7th? We will explain it to you right away, but first we would like to remind you that the Social Security Corporation does not pay interest in a single solution, therefore, It is possible that some will arrive on December 7, while others will arrive later.

To check the actual history of processing and credits, it will be necessary to enter the area designated for citizens on My Inps, logging in with one of the digital identities such as SPID, CIE, or CNS. Once inside, you will need to climb up performance and servicesthen tap Services and enter the access point in Non-retirement benefits. Here you can see the status and credit of the application.

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We remind you that if the payment has already arrived, you will not receive any bonus of 200 €. Actually, that credit It is reserved for those who have not received benefits in the past months; In fact, we are talking about a one-time compensation for the cost of living, and not a structural measure.

I read about it Because the payment of 200 euros bonus on August Rdc is not visibleHow does it work with Withdraw 200 euros from the citizen’s income What are the The following payment dates for the €200 bonus on Rdc. Read on though The €200 bonus must be spent on everything on the RDC And the How it works for the possibility of saving it.

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What to do if the INPS does not accept the new application for a €200 bonus from December 7 onwards? Let’s find out.

€200 bonus from December 7 The question is not accepted How to contact the INPS

Before we see in detail how to contact the INPS, we remind you of the following:

  • It is a one-time bonus and, as such, is paid only once;
  • The requirements to obtain it were to work for 50 days in 2021, to be agricultural unemployment holders in 2021, to be a Nationbee in June 2022 or citizen income in July 2022 or in the process of renewal, or to be a pensioner in June or from July 2022;
  • Income requirements set a ceiling that may not be exceeded at €35,000.

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So, if I am due a €200 bonus, how do I contact the INPS? basic:

  • via PEC
  • Through the call center at 803164 from a landline or 061616164 from a mobile phone from Monday to Friday from 8 to 20 or Saturday from 8 to 14
  • Via Facebook or Twitter, writing on the Institute’s social media
  • By making an appointment and going to a competent regional office
Bonus 200 euros from December 7 to whom

200 € bonus from December 7th, is the 150 € bonus too late?

€200 bonus from December 7th I arrived after the other creditsThis is why many citizens ask If you are late up to a €150 bonus. We respond immediately by explaining that INPS has planned two distinct phases of payments: the first and the second.

In the first we find employees, retirees, basic income recipients and domestic workers, and in the second tourism and leisure workers. and recipients of unemployment benefits and all who belong to the second stage of the program. Bonus 200 euros.

Read all the details about Bonus 150 euros: upon her arrival Economic contribution and what it is income requirements. Also find out when it’s up to Workersto me retireesgarlic The disabled and the handicapped and for my recipient basic income.

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Basically, scholarship payments of 150 euros have already begun, and we recall that the income threshold that must be respected has decreased and decreased to 20 thousand euros in 2021. However, INPS has already set a date for the start of the second stage of payments: in February 2023After the employers submitted the complaints regarding the payment of 150 euros to the employees.

In short, the institution applies this distinction to avoid paying the same allowance twice to the same citizen. In this case what happens? If the same compensation is paid to the subject twice, the INPS proceeds to withdraw the overpaid amount. Here, in fact, is what is stated in circular no. 127 On November 16th:

It should also be noted that the Institute will proceed to conduct the necessary checks, including random checks, to ensure that the requirements are met and the compensation paid is due.

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