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Annuities: start over from Ape sociale and Option donna.  Quota 102 Unlocked

Annuities: start over from Ape sociale and Option donna. Quota 102 Unlocked

The fiscal spaces are, to say the least, cramped. With regard to pensions, the road is actually mandatory, because in 2003 spending is expected to increase by about 24 billion because of the high costs of adjusting Social Security checks with the rush of inflation. It starts with the extension Ape sociale and Option woman. Giorgia Meloni explained in her programmatic address to Chambers. It remains to be seen if the 102nd quota is also part of the “renewal of measures that expire at the end of the year”, referred to by the new prime minister, and perhaps in what way. The game is played in the majority, and between the executive and the labor unions, pending a real Social Security reform during the legislature, exactly on this point. With Matteo Salvini insisting that the first taste of Quota 41 be included in Quota 102 magazine, paving the way for a mix of 41 years of payouts and 61 (or 62) years of age. Then there is also the quota 102 hypothesis with flexible requirements, which can be evaluated by DoL technicians, now led by Marina Calderoni.

Watermelon: flexibility in production starting from the renewal of expired procedures

The prospect of implementing center-right social security reform becomes that of the entire legislature. Next year, resources are tight and the new government’s priority is to support businesses and families against high bills. Let Meloni in his programmatic address to Montecitorio be clearly understood. But this does not mean that the executive branch, after stopping the 102nd quota at the end of the year, wants to return to the Fornero law in its full version. A restricted package of pension measures will be adopted with the arrival of the maneuver in mid-November 2022. We intend to facilitate flexibility in coming up with mechanisms compatible with the flexibility of the social security system, starting with the short time available for the next budget, the new Prime Minister said, the renewal procedures which are due to end in end of the year.

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A woman’s choice and social monkey also in 2023

Meloni actually emphasized that in 2023 also, the social monkey and woman option will be usable: the possibility of leaving female workers with 58 years (59 “self-employed”) and 35 years of contributions and a recalculation of the contribution for the bonus. The extension of these two instruments must be expired annually, even if the government aims to structurally make women’s choice.

Lega even considers the 41 quota no longer an immediate goal but a legislative one

Matteo Salvini has realized that the current state of public accounts does not allow for the immediate approval of share 41, which is one of the leading companies of Carroccio. According to INPS estimates, this action will cost more than 4 billion in the first year to rise to nearly 10 billion when fully operational. A burden that the current general budget cannot bear. But the association is not giving up completely and insists on savoring at least the 41st quota in 2023 by tying it to a personal threshold. Carroccio’s head of business, Claudio Dorigón, has already submitted a bill to the Senate to override the Fornero Act by introducing the possibility of leaving at least 41 years of contribution regardless of age (quota 41). But Durigon himself was keen to make it clear that it is not a starting point but an arrival point, a goal that must be achieved in the five-year period.

Match on quota 102

Meloni did not say whether among the measures that expire at the end of the year that the government intends to renew, there is also a share of 102: the 64-year-old director and 38 of the payments made this year only by executive Draghi. And it is precisely at this point that the game will be played by the majority and between the executive branch and the unions, which the new Minister of Labor, Marina Calderoni, announced that he wants to hold in a very short time. The most difficult solution, pending a real fix, would be to extend the 102nd quota for one year, given that this “tool” costs a few hundred million also due to its low “attractiveness”: at the end of this year, there should be no more than 10 releases thousands. But the association aims to include the quota under contribution for at least 41 years

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