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No Green Pass on Telegram: "General strike until bitter end of October 15, we no longer go to work"

No Green Pass on Telegram: “General strike until bitter end of October 15, we no longer go to work”

They asserted that it would be a battle to the bitter end. despite of arrests, the two Queries open after me Made on Saturday Last time in Piazza del Popolo in Rome, this morning, October 12, on the Telegram channels of the militants. no fax And No Green passes alternate letters and flyers in which we meet in the plaza for next Friday, October 15th. “We no longer go to work – one of our most active users reads a post – and we block roads until they cancel green pass. We are millions, they need us to keep the country going.” “Someone who realizes that we are not slaves of the state, but those notorious few who fill their pockets and beyond. Another writes.

And if two days ago a user made an invitation to organize the next demonstration in Rome “with sewage drums, tractors, trucks, bulldozers and any heavy vehicle to occupy all the buildings of the authority”, today there is also someone who asks Leave an email you can contact for directions on which trucks and lorries to use in roadblocks. From Friday, workers without a green certificate can be suspended. “The protest in Rome last weekend was just a taste,” they say. The slogan that is repeated among them is “the homeland bloc”. The messages also include a call not to participate in a parade with Forza Nova or far-right fighters. In the lists maintained by the group managers, there are dozens of cities that – they say – have already joined the event, as well as communicating with the meeting place.

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