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Uil’s gambit against the flat tax: Employees pay up to 800% more – the policy

About the Italian maneuver “Today I have not heard of it.” “I think all the ministers who spoke believe that we are for European values.” Czech Minister of Economy Zbenik Stanjora (current EU presidency) said this after the Ecofen meeting focused on the issue of the conditionality mechanism for Hungary, and he was questioned on the sidelines of the meeting in particular on any interest or critical issues that emerged at the meeting regarding the Italian draft budget. plan.

Meanwhile, Uil handles the flat tax between the self-employed and the employees. The difference between self-employed people with a turnover of €85,000 and retirees and employees with equivalent income can, in extreme cases, be up to More than 800% of taxes are paid by the latter. This is what a study by Uil Fiscal Policy Service indicates, according to Practical The self-employed will pay up to €27,000 less in personal income tax each year, Compared to employees and retirees, not counting the discount on social security contributions. “A colossal difference that cannot be justified,” asserts the Confederate Secretary of the Aweil Party, Domenico Proetti. Based on data on 2020 declarations, Uil’s study also highlights that employees and retirees, who account for 89.9% of people who pay Irpef, paid 96.3% of the total Irpef in 2020. Flat tax, Proietti continues, “is a fair and equitable tax offending tool The provision of flat rate schemes, in favor of certain groups, creates inequality among people and places the burden increasingly on Irpef employees and retirees” and it is, he says, “than a tax on income, it is a tax on wages and pensions”. “The democratic state must be based on a just and progressive tax system as laid down in our Constitution—as the Confederate Secretary said to Uil—we need real reform that reduces the tax burden on employees and retirees by making the system wholly progressive and broadening the income tax base: at the same The time we must invest in a real strong fight against tax evasion, which is an endemic evil for our country, which steals every year more than 100 billion euros from citizens, which is equivalent to the amount spent on three budget laws.

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“In the end, I am pleased that on the issue of electronic money there has been complete coherence between the left, the Italian left, M5s and commentators – all united at last in defense of bank money, a unity not seen before in a long time and above all focused on the possibility of Defense of paying for taxis and snacks with points of sale, which has become the main battle for the left in the budget law. Thus, the Under-President of the Republic Giovannibattista Fazzolari was intercepted near the Chigi Palace Concerning the controversy over the procedure in the maneuver which eliminates penalties for those who do not accept payments cards up to 60 euros. “Not the defense of workers or the most vulnerable groups, of the social issue – he continues – but electronic money for banks. In short, ‘hasta la visa siempre’ ‘.