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Reform proposal in March in the CDM, various hypotheses on the table


file text tax reform It will be ready to apply In the Cabinet by March. This was confirmed by the Deputy Minister for Economic Affairs in charge of the tax authorities Morris Liu During a conference promoted by the National Association of Accountants.

“the text that We will meet in advance With the financial department, revenue agency, professionals and political forces in order to implement the proposals needed for a comprehensive and effective reform – the deputy minister explained -. will be single Enabling law Which will obviously take into account the European Union rules and general rules and among the essential points we will include the simplification of the assessment of obligations and the payment mechanism as well as the review of the sanctions regime.

pillars of reform

Vice Minister Liu expected the enabling law to be structured in four parts. Part One “Will interest me principles“, with the harmonization of European Union principles, international principles and the Statute of Taxpayers. In this part the “rationalization of interrogations” will be conceived, while the second part concerns i Salutation.

It will be the heart of reform procedures. Minister Liu announced this There will be four: The first is the procedure My statement, for which I envisage the simplification of the implementation calendar and the payment mechanism. The second procedure concerns Evaluation It will change with the fix. In particular, the Deputy Minister provides a “two-year arrangement with creditors” for small businesses. The third procedure that reform will intervene in will be a group. Finally, the last action would be tax litigation.

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tax code

Another part of the reform concerns b unique texts Then access Drafting of the tax code. On more than one occasion, Vice Minister Liu has already introduced other elements of the reform outline.

For what matters personal income taxfor example, must be confirmed “double model” It has already been discussed and partly implemented, distinguishing between income from business, subject to progressive, from that from investment in capital and real estate, to which a proportional tax will be applied.

to me rates There was talk of a “softening”. from the perspective of Also reduce it to three, “without prejudice to the need to determine the necessary coverage, without deviations in the budget.” It will be another cornerstone Introduction of family quotientsaid Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni herself at the end of the year.

repair goal

Another real fix In this field back to The seventies And then we experienced a flood of rules and safeguards. He did this for us tax system Liu explained. One of the most complex and unsustainable In the world. Therefore, we must move forward with a reform that rebalances the relationship between the tax authorities and the taxpayer.

With this in mind – the Deputy Minister added – we have already moved on by approving one tax cuts, which I defy anyone to call a pardon, to come to the rescue of the citizens and corporations who have not been able to pay the sheer volume of volumes contained in a single solution. Starting with Deleted Payments, we chose to Applying the minimum penalty and granting a 5-year reprieve. We preferred active amendments with a two-year time frame as well as assessment notices and other measures.” He concluded, “The goal is to make payment sustainable, tracing the entire chain of the taxpayer relationship.”

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