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Touch Tennis arrives in Castello d’Agogna, an impressively growing movement in Italy

Touch Tennis arrives in Castello d’Agogna, an impressively growing movement in Italy

Castello Dagona – A global sensation last Saturday’s third edition of the Castello Dagona tournament dedicated to touch tennis, with an impressive prize pool of five hundred euros. The Eurosup Cup has made its way to the UK. The big goal, in fact, was won by Birmingham’s Clayton Edge. Touch Tennis was born across the Channel and from there it spread throughout the planet. Castello d’Agogna and the Paolo Bonomi Hockey Club did not miss the opportunity to be among the leaders in Italy. The final, which was marked by the convulsions of Serbian Luka Sucevic, was reached by both players after wonderful matches such as the one in which the Englishman won in the first round against Croatian Marin Ljubek in three difficult sets, or the semi-finals. -The final between Socevic and Italian Lorenzo Brunetti, the true revelation of the tournament. In fact, the latter reached the semi-finals with a beautiful quarter-final match against the other Serbian player with whom he tied Petar Popović, whom he beat 4-2 and 4-2. “This year – announced SHPB Director William Greville – the new important sponsor, the leading Italian company in the nutritional supplements sector, Eurosup, supported the event as main sponsor.” Successful participation on the field, but also in the stands of PalaBonomi across Canada.
Castello d’Agogna has been an important stop on the Italian Tour of the Tennis Circuit for three years now, along with Bologna, Gioia del Colle and Torino, with an event that has grown year on year, forcing organizers to close registrations several times. Days before to reach the number of participants. Players from various European countries and Italian cities (among them Turin, Bologna and Milan) gathered on the banks of rice fields, giving life to a day of sports and entertainment for a movement that seems to be growing rapidly in Italy. In fact, there are more than a hundred clubs that regularly practice this sport, with three thousand clubs registered in Italy on the portal. “Italian Reality – continues William Greville – for just over three years has been working to facilitate amateur sports organizations to promote racket sport that is enjoyable and accessible to everyone. The committee composed of emerging clubs in Italy will soon meet to draw up the balance sheet for the season that has just ended with more than ten tournaments with prizes Finance, classification points and planning together for the 2024 season, which could be a tangible confirmation of this sport in Italy. The evidence of this is the third place achieved in the Match of Nations by the representative of Italy in Valladolid, Spain, last September, and by Verona player Steven Schmelzer, who recently obtained first place in the classification. International.

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