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Pallone d'oro pieno di polemiche, la musica no: le classifiche, Amadeus annuncia i 22 big di Sanremo

Controversial Golden Ball, Music Number: World Ranking, Amadeus Announces Sanremo Top 22 Players | league

Seventh Crisis The golden ball. Messi received the award Monday evening in Paris It sparked countless controversies. Not so much against the Argentine striker Paris Saint-Germain, but in order to choose his preference over the runner-up: Bayern Munich’s Polish striker, Robert. Lewandowski.

The original sin is because of regulation. France Football He selects a sports journalist for each country, votes his 5 favorite players (considering individual and team performance, talent and fair play, career, character and charisma) and awards 5 points to 1st, 4 to 2nd, 3 to 3rd, 2 to 4th and 1 to 5th. It’s clearly one Personal choice and therefore inherently questionable.

Instead the numbers don’t lie. This week Spotify released the charts for the most listened artists, albums, songs, playlists and podcasts of 2021 in Italy and the world.
The world’s most listened artist is Puerto Rican rapper for the second year in a row bad bunny And the most listened to song isdriver’s license” from Olivia Rodrigo.
Ebbasta ambassador (from Cinisello Balsamo, as Inter sporting director Piero Osolio) He is the most streamed artist in Italy, and the most listened song is “Malibu” from Sangiovanni.
Joe Rogan Experience It is the world’s most famous podcast and file Alessandro Barbero: History lessons and conferences He wins first place in Italy.

Most listened to songs in Italy:
1. Malibu, Sangiovanni
2. You’re making me crazy, Blanco, yellow carpets
3. Empty Nights, Blanco
5. New group, Rkomi (feat. Sfera Ebbasta)
6. Lady, Sangiovanni
8. Alf, Fidez, Achille Lauro, Orita Berti
9. Start with you, my number
10. Blinders, Blanco.

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In the top ten there is no Marracash Why his new album?We, they, the othersIt was released just two weeks ago and it is taking over the daily and weekly charts. Among his fans too Mayor of Milan, Pepe SalaWho wrote to him on social media:Your record (played on vinyl) drives even an old man like me crazy“.

Meanwhile, “Berlusconi” was released yesterday, the new single from 2ND ROOF (the duo composed by Pietro Miano and Federico Vaccari) featuring rappers Jake La Furia, Nitro and Speranza.. With multiple references to popular culture, from the sensational title toScarface‘, an iconic and controversial figure that recurs in the chorus.
tonight through Tg1 in 20 Amadeus has announced 22 big names who will compete at the upcoming Sanremo Festival: Elisa, Dargin D’Amico, Gianni Morandi, Detonellabiaga with Donatella Ritori, Noemi, Hysnop with Ho, Lou Vibrazioni, Sangiovanni, Massimo Ranieri, Actor Lista, Anna Mina, Emma Maron, Achille Lauro , Michelle Braffi, Eva Zaniecki, Ricomi, Fabrizio Moro, Mahmoud With Blanco, Josie Ferreri, Irama, Giovanni Trobi, Hakka 7even.