Monday, July 22, 2024

Usage: Statue of Marilyn with raised skirt in front of the museum, controversy – North America


(ANSA) – New York, May 24 – A huge statue of Marilyn Monroe in front of a museum separates Palm Springs, California. The eight-meter-tall, ‘Forever Marilyn’ has returned to the city of Coachella Valley after being placed in several other locations in 2014. It depicts the actress starring in the iconic and erotic scene of the film ‘When the Wife Is On Vacation’ written by Billy Wilder (1955), the grid ventilation when the wind created by crossing the tunnel reveals her legs as she lifts her skirt up.

The statue was one of the city’s main attractions between 2012 and 2014, but now the idea of ​​finding a permanent home in front of a museum has been blown out of proportion by many residents who consider it sexual or masculine, provoking the public. Under the skirt. Among the protesters is Louis Crochos, director of the Palm Springs Art Museum: “In the minds of comrades coming out of our museum, the first thing they saw in front of them was lingerie of this great sculpture. Marilyn.”

A petition has also been launched against Marilyn’s goal of ‘Stop Misconception #MeTooMerialn Statue in Palm Springs’, which already has over 40,000 subscriptions.

Meanwhile, the city administration, deaf to pressure to remove the sculpture, has given the green light to the site in front of the museum for at least three years. (On the handle).

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