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"You deserve jail, think about it before you have a baby."  It is thus ... - Libero Quotidiano

“You deserve jail, think about it before you have a baby.” It is thus … – Libero Quotidiano

Rumors about a rupture between Belen Rodriguez NS Antonino Spinalbes They have been stalking each other for weeks and are finding more and more confirmations, including of him being absent on the Argentinian girl’s father’s birthday. unbelievable but real, The couple will break out A few months after the birth of his daughter Luna Marrow. In short, a breakdown in record time.

And now, here comes a new clue, very heavy. The point is, hairstylist Spinalbese has, for a time, shown all of his impatience on social media. A few days ago, he published a picture in which he holds his daughter in her hand, attached to the ruling:Try to split us up“A sentence that obviously aroused suspicion: What did he mean? To whom was he referring? In many followers on Instagram, they associated these words with Belen.

but, this is not every thing. There is something heavier. In the last few hours here is a new post from Spinalbese: Saturday night alone, that’s it Picture of a bottle of white wine and a glass. And here the man comments: “Poor children, but why don’t you think about it before you bring them into the world? I want to put you in jailHeavy words from a hater on duty. But what shocked Spinalbese’s answer: ‘I think so too.’ ‘Very heavy words. Was the reference to Belen? Possible, possible., but it seemed to end in the most bitter and lively. Dramatic ways.’

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