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Use: Praise of the Urban Model, Storm on the Fox Star – North America

(ANSA) – Washington, Aug 08. In the words of Tucker Carlson, the Fox News TV star was considered a spokesman for Donald Trump, who hosted his most popular show from Budapest last week and praised the ‘Urban Model’. The model, which has been criticized by much of Europe, but is increasingly seen as a reference point for the radical American right, is seen by the Hungarian leader as “a Trump before Trump,” as Steve Bannon called him at the time.

Democrats immediately attacked Carlson in front of a TV marathon from Budapest, accusing him of promoting a leader who many consider dictatorial and undemocratic: “Use the popular fox to legitimize the narrative of using the popular fox to legitimize a dictatorial model that is increasingly inspiring the Republican agenda.” He points to similarities: protecting the family, taking a hard line on immigration, and defending Christian democracies from the onslaught of the far left. Meanwhile, in the evening, three million American viewers flocked to Budapest for ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’, beating the competition of CNN and other television networks. (On the handle).

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