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Berardi?  It may have been red but let’s not blame the referee

Berardi? It may have been red but let’s not blame the referee

“Why don’t the referees go to VAR? In the case of Domenico Berardi because VAR deemed the episode correct based on how it was evaluated on the pitch. I don’t feel like blaming the match director for the decision, perhaps.” “I would have given red. The VAR agreed with the referee, who was not called back to check this episode. No whistle can refuse to check an action if it is called by the VAR, if one of my players does so.” So tomorrow there won’t be.”. like Gianluca Ruccireferee designer, in microphones DAZN In the Sassuolo-Juve episode, with the number 10 player stepping on Bremer’s ankle but was only booked by Colombo..

“Our philosophy is to have referees who make the decisions and bring the game home through refereeing -Continuous-. The referee has to be right if the decision is wrong, but we don’t want to be too invasive of what’s happening on the pitch otherwise it will be fragmented. However, if there are three interventions to be made, we will do them. We must be clear: the one who decides is the referee on the field. the Video Assistant Referee He only intervenes when the decision is wrong. Today the VAR protocol is broad but narrow at the same time and you can’t go and review everything. When you experience a clear episode, you must intervene. We recently had a meeting with the coaches and they told us that they want a referee to decide what happens on the field. The real difference is made by referees on the field: VAR is an extraordinary technology that has changed our lives and football in general, but you should only intervene when the error is clear..

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