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Below is a list of Samsung smartphones that will receive the update

Below is a list of Samsung smartphones that will receive the update

Many Pixel devices can already try the update Android 15 In preview, but there is little left before Samsung smartphone Add them to the list. Compatible Samsung devices One Ui 7.0 update Based on Android 15, there are many of them (and obviously they will increase with future versions) and thanks to the company's new policies, they should soon get many new features. Here is the complete list of smartphones.

List of Samsung smartphones that will receive the update

Samsung's new policies include three major operating system updates and four years of security updates for most Galaxy series devices. As a result, everything Galaxy smartphone Launch with Android 12 or higher They will undoubtedly receive the update.

This does not mean that other smartphones (launched with Android 11 or earlier) will necessarily have to give up. Android 15In fact, many devices should support the update. As always, this depends on the capability of the devices but also on their prevalence. So here a List of smartphones that should receive the updateObviously, it does not include those that have not yet been released (such as the Samsung Galaxy A55 and Samsung Galaxy A35).

series Galaxy S:

  • Galaxy S24 Ultra;
  • Galaxy S24+;
  • Galaxy S24;
  • Galaxy S23 Ultra;
  • Galaxy S23+;
  • Galaxy S23;
  • Galaxy S23 FE;
  • Galaxy S22 Ultra;
  • Galaxy S22+;
  • Galaxy S22;
  • Galaxy S21 FE;
  • Galaxy S21 Ultra;
  • Galaxy S21+;
  • Galaxy S21.
  • Galaxy Z Series:
  • Galaxy Z Fold 5
  • Galaxy Z Flip 5;
  • Galaxy Z Fold 4;
  • Galaxy Z Flip 4;
  • Galaxy Z Fold 3;
  • Galaxy Z Flip 3.

series Galaxy A:

  • Galaxy A73;
  • Galaxy A72;
  • Galaxy A54;
  • Galaxy A53;
  • Galaxy A34;
  • Galaxy A33;
  • Galaxy A25;
  • Galaxy A24;
  • Galaxy A23;
  • Galaxy A15 5G;
  • Galaxy A14 5G.
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series Galaxy tab:

  • Galaxy Tab S9 FE+;
  • Galaxy Tab S9 FE;
  • Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra;
  • Galaxy Tab S9+;
  • Galaxy Tab S9;
  • Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra;
  • Galaxy Tab S8+;
  • Galaxy Tab S8.

series Galaxy F:

  • Galaxy F54;
  • Galaxy F34;
  • Galaxy F15.

series Galaxy M:

  • Galaxy M54;
  • Galaxy M34;
  • Galaxy M53;
  • Galaxy M33;
  • Galaxy M15.

Please note that the list is not final, and official confirmation from the company is still awaited, which may result in further changes.

Android 15 update for Samsung smartphones

Based on previous experiences, it makes sense to wait for the One Ui 7.0-based update Android 15 By the end of this yearat the latest in early 2025, but it is very likely that users will be able to try out the beta long before the final release.

Updating to Android 15 should not upset the habits of users, considering that most of the work has focused on perfecting the functions that already exist, especially on safety And privacy. However, there will be some innovations that affect device customization and smartphone maintenance.

The overall user experience will therefore be improved, thanks to innovations such as Reduce notifications (Designed to reduce the volume of multiple notifications from the same app) and the possibility of this Disable keyboard vibration.

For me Folding devicesMoreover, a feature has been added that allows you to continue using applications even when the smartphone is locked, via the external display. Excellent news also for cameras and especially photos taken using third-party apps, it will actually be possible to improve the quality of shots in low-light conditions.

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Finally, while mentioning only the most important innovations, we also mention related innovations Energy saving For background workloads which will allow longer battery life, as well as keeping it in excellent condition.

Bad news for those who have a Samsung phone