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Hi-Fi Rush on PS5: Release date announced by Microsoft and Bethesda

Hi-Fi Rush on PS5: Release date announced by Microsoft and Bethesda

The official announcement finally arrived shortly after the accidental leak, with Bethesda and Microsoft To advertise release date responsible Hi Fi Rush We are PS5which appeared due to a trailer and then was finally confirmed.

After the video was leaked by the Brazilian division of Bethesda, Microsoft confirmed the information about the game directly on the official Xbox Wire blog: Hi-Fi Rush will arrive on PS5 in March 19, 2024with pre-orders opening starting today on the PlayStation Store.

The game has long been suspected to be one of the popular Xbox Game Studios titles to move to multiple platforms, and in fact it is expected to be one of the first titles expected to be part of Microsoft's new initiative, and confirmation has practically arrived in these hours. .

Galeotto was the special video

Wario64's tweet mentioning the promotional image is no longer visible

I video It's no longer visible but it was from a few minutes ago, posted live by Bethesda's LATAM department, so there's very little doubt about it.

For those who don't know it, Hi-Fi Rush is a completely rhythm-based action game, so much so that it is a kind of hybrid between a classic action game and a rhythm game, where we guide the protagonist Chai on an amazing and colorful adventure set to the beat of music.

The boy is equipped with a prosthetic arm provided by the evil company Vandelay, but the experiment on this turns out to be different from the norm, and Chai suddenly finds himself in touch with the rhythm of the surrounding world, which he can exploit to strike his finger. enemies and lead an uprising against the group in question.

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You can get to know it better in our review of Hi-Fi Rush, and today we also saw the Grounded and Pentment trailers on Nintendo Switch.