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Behind the disappearance of 20,000 people in the “Alaska Triangle”

Behind the disappearance of 20,000 people in the “Alaska Triangle”

The comparison immediately comes to mind: the famous Bermuda Triangle, which was sucked in by five US Navy planes in December 1945, giving rise to many successive myths and theories about that area, cannot be compared to “Alaska Triangle“Where they disappeared at least 20 thousand people From 1970 to today.

What is it about

Why do so many people disappear in Alaska’s frozen north? Find out more in this epic Lost Alaska marathon. is the title of a three-hour documentary edited by History Channel Where all Secrets And the Disappearances It has occurred in the past 50 years making it the place with more unsolved cases than any other place on Earth. The area in question, the famous “triangle,” extends from the capital Anchorage to Juneau, in the southeast of the country and then up to the town of Utqiagvik, on the far north coast.

The most exciting events

It all started in 1972 when a small passenger plane disappeared Without leaving any traces During a flight from the nation’s capital to Juneau: Neither the people on board nor the wreckage were found again despite a weeks-long search. The same fate, and on the same route, befell the Majority Leader of the US House of Representatives, Thomas Hale Boggs Sr.: his twin-engine plane in which Alaska Congressman Nick Begich, his aide, Russell Brown, and members of Congress were traveling. Pilot Don Jones disappeared forever and the four were never found again. The search, which lasted about a month and a half, was then halted during the flight from Anchorage to Juneau.

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The most popular interpretations

The same fate subsequently befell many other planes that disappeared in the Alaska Triangle, but not only that, even without flying, tourists and hikers disappeared into the air, reaching a record number of about 20 thousand people. To try to explain what has happened over the years, first of all UFO This is something that the Pentagon is now dealing with seriously. The English media talk about phenomena associated with kidnappings Wendigoa supernatural creature very popular among North American mythology and described as a monster capable of killing and even eating humans.

To give a possible explanation for the disappearance of thousands of people,… Magnetic anomalies Which would interfere with hikers’ compasses. UFO expert Debbie Zieglmeyer believes Alaska is “attractive” to foreigners because it is sparsely populated. “They can pretty much go anywhere they want“L said Mirror. However, the story is more complicated because advanced military technology can be attracted to someone – or something. Johnny Enoch, a hypnotherapist and paranormal researcher, said there was “obviously” something strange going on in the Alaska Triangle. Finally, being a land with an often harsh climate (in winter), it is not unusual for hungry bears to kill so many hapless hikers.