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"Malaria is treated as seasonal influenza," he demanded three indictments for the journalist's murder

“Malaria is treated as seasonal influenza,” he demanded three indictments for the journalist’s murder

Malaria is treated as a seasonal flu despite the patient saying it and confirmed that she had recently returned from a trip to Africa. Deputy Attorney General Salvatore Villa and Prosecutor Elena Mano asked that three doctors be charged for the murder of Loredana Guida, a 44-year-old journalist and teacher who died on January 28 last year.

According to the indictment – after a request to dismiss two paramedics and two health workers who worked on the woman in the final stage of the disease (the request is still under discussion after opposition from family members, defended by lawyer Daniela Bossante) – Gioacchino Brocolleri, 69, alternate doctor in the Medical Guard Maurilio Castelli, health worker in the emergency room at San Giovanni de Dieu Hospital and Francesco Scortino, gynecologist.

In Castelli, in particular, it was appealed that the patient had not been subjected to an accurate medical record and, above all, not to have a rapid test for malaria even though Loredana Guida – claiming the accusation – said at the triage stage that she had been exposed to Africa.

On the other hand, despite knowing about the trip to Nigeria, Sciortino would have prescribed her a flu treatment. Finally, Brocolleri, after arriving at the medical guard on 19 January, would have failed to conduct “any further investigation and failed to direct the patient to an appropriate emergency facility despite the critical circumstances.”

The family members will be represented in a civil case with the assistance of attorney Daniela Bossant, whose complaints have been investigated. The preliminary hearing against the three doctors accused of manslaughter, who appointed attorneys Giusz Caticusia Amato, Nicolo Grillo and Annalisa Rigi as the defenders, is scheduled for May 11 in front of Judge Stefano Zamoto.

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