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Before tomorrow.  Claudio Borghi: “A bridge over the strait is essential”

Before tomorrow. Claudio Borghi: “A bridge over the strait is essential”

It is a question of economic and financial opportunity for a country – especially in the South – which is certainly lacking in priorities. It was a cause of anger and anxiety that Messina and Calabrian families were forced to expropriate their homes. The environmental sustainability perspective of such an aggressive project is a hotly debated topic. But Matteo Salvini and the League's battle for a bridge over the now famous strait did not subside. During the Prima di Tomani program, Northern League senator Claudio Borghi criticized the approach of Vittorio Feltri, for example, saying that the extraordinary amount allocated to the project would be more useful if it were used for other areas that are more urgent. For example, healthcare. “We need to escape this world of 'I'll take a piece from there to give from here'.”

Putting aside the provincial mentality of wearing the most modern and futuristic, the words of the host Bianca Berlinguer are the meaning of the guest: “It is an infrastructure that brings growth, because in the end if we look at the cost. This would not have been achieved even with the Milan-Rome high-speed train in 2001.” As for the different priorities, Borghi disagrees: “Every time we fear, it will harm the orphans, the poor and the thirsty.” What is the reason for the League and its president Salvini to push hard towards the construction of the bridge? ?”It is absurd that an island like Sicily with 5 million inhabitants and 2 kilometers from the continent is not connected to the rest of the world.”

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Borghi's Horizons even sees the bridge over the strait as “necessary work,” even as he admits, “I feel sorry for the displaced families, because the despair of having to leave home must be something I cannot even imagine.” However, it is equally true, the Northern League senator says, “that Art. 42 of the Constitution provides that private property can be expropriated for national utility works. Temporary information points have been created for families at risk so that technical assistance can be guaranteed. But at this time, by the sweat of their brow Protests continue from those who don't want to legally abandon their homes for Thanksgiving. “For these people – Borghi concludes – we will ensure that they are amply compensated.”