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PD crippled by investigations.  The Piedmont big man is now leaving

PD crippled by investigations. The Piedmont big man is now leaving

The politico-judicial earthquake that has engulfed the Democratic Party from Bari to Turin claims its first victim: Rafael Gallo, head of the Dem group in the Piedmont Regional Council (not investigated), withdraws from the next electoral contest for the region. Election in Piedmont. The choice comes after an investigation involving the father, Salvatore Gallo (under investigation), concluded in the Turin DDA's file on contracts managed by Entrangetta for the maintenance of the Turin-Bardonecchia motorway network. Gallo jr also gives up the position of committee chairman in the region: “I resign as chairman of the council committee in Palazzo Lascaris – explains the Dem representative – leaving the mandate to identify in the hands of secretary Mimmo Rossi and the committee. In the last weeks of the assembly the new committee chairman is concerned with the formal requirements for the lists to be presented. My Personal best wishes go to presidential candidate Gianna Bentenero and the candidates who will compete on June 8 and 9. A step back that was already expected by the provincial and regional leaders of the party.

Now a commissioner from Rome has fallen on the Democratic Party of Turin. “The hypothesis – Il Giornale reports evidence – exists, but will be evaluated after the vote for the renewal of the Regional Council.” The air in Nazareno is tense. Two investigations (Barry and Turin) are called into question, naturally on a political level, by two Ellie Schlein loyalists: Chiara Cribato and Francesco Bocia. The first (Gribaudo) is plenipotentiary of the secretary in Piedmont, an investigation erupts in that region, which affects the party and leads to the resignation of the group leader in the region. Garibaldo is the vice president of the Democratic Party. A party commissar post in your region will also be a political failure for you.

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Another blow to Schlein comes in Puglia, the region of his team leader Francesco Bocia. Schlein was the number one sponsor of Michael Emiliano, the Apulian senator who wanted to lead the senators. Two jabs to the secretary announcing cleanliness and sanitation. Dissatisfaction with Bosia's role is growing in the party. Bocia's interview with Repubblica was the subject of criticism and venomous jokes in Dem chats yesterday morning. “The real problem with the Democratic Party is the morality of Bocia, who gives interviews as if he's casually passing by,” one Dem vice president told the Journal.

But in the chats – to read through the newspaper – comments abound: “We say goodbye to the tour Poccia”, “We draw the veil for the interview with Poccia”, period of the news. The situation remains the same in Bari.

Two candidates Michele Laforgia and Vito Leccese are in the field. The postponement of the vote in the autumn is unknown, to allow the access commission sent by Interior Minister Matteo Piantedosi to complete the checks. Something is moving on the inner front of the Democratic Party: the code of self-regulation for the Democratic ruling class has arrived. A list of obvious ones. “The Democratic Party asks its candidates to sign a self-declaration, with which they must report to the competent offices and party organizations: ballot, vote exchange, intimidation during the campaign election, attempts to intimidate, corruption or extortion during one's election or executive order”.

All things are already provided by law. Revolution! Revolution!

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