Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Another instant snowfall, the plains are in danger too! Coming Soon Related Areas ILMETEO.it


Weather: Still instant snow, even the plains are in danger! Related areas coming soon

Even in the plains there is a lot of snow*Last Updated *
Recent calculations from the European Center have confirmed that a major snow load is imminent
, With scales they can reach Even the plains Due to attendance Cold air descends from the Arctic Circle.
But one can go properly by analyzing all the details to better identify the affected areas and expected accumulations.

Already from The next hour Weather conditions are expected Sharp decline, Due to a serious visit Atlantic disturbance It’s not just many showers Numerous snowstorms in the northern reliefs, First on the mid-western alpine sector, then Ptolemy, Where Name Going down to a lower height than that 1000 meters.

In the evening, we did not rule out the possibility of reaching Piedmont under some scales 400/500 meters, With the risk of whitewashing the city Kunio.
For some it will be an opportunity Beautiful snowfall On top of that The ridge of the Appen North-Central, The stock here is very high and close to average 1600/1700 meters, It was down to about 1400 on Friday 26th.

In Weekend It will then start flowing into our country Still cold air, Directly from the North Pole. Come on, The Snowfall, As well as being more and more Plenty, Will begin to affect very few stocks. Between Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th white scales can reach the alpine valley sites, Whitewashing cities like Asta, Sondrio and Trento.
By the end of the event, numerous concentrations are expected over the entire alpine arc above 1200/1500 m.: You can accumulate up Over 1 meter Snowfall in the Piedmont, Valdellina / Volkomonica (Lombardy) and Trentino mountains.
On top of that Appennins The The height is expected to drop below 800 meters, Especially on Tuscany, Walk, Lazio e Abruzzo.

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Eye to the plain! – Be careful, because, considering the very cold wind and the intensity of the rain, we do not rule out that it can develop. Favorable structure for bringing snow to the Lombardy and Emilia Romagna plains.
We will let you know.

Accumulation in cm in the Alps is also expected: 1200/1500 m above 1 mAccumulation in cm in the Alps is also expected: 1200/1500 m above 1 m


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