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Because it would be impossible to do everything - Libero Quotidiano

Because it would be impossible to do everything – Libero Quotidiano

The weekend will be forgotten. The weather forecast It doesn’t bode well: Peak temperatures will make Friday, Saturday, and Sunday hell. According to 3bmeteo experts, on Friday we will already record highs of 37-38 ° C in the interior, especially Tuscany, Lazio, then Umbria, Fujiano and the Sardinian hinterland but above all in the Po Valley where locally it can even reach 38-40 ° percentage.

escalate Temperatures It is due to very specific factors: “very hot air reaching high altitudes, the effect of high pressure subsidence, or air pressure from top to bottom, the drying up of the land due to drought with lower relative humidity (and thus favoring higher temperatures) and locally also the influence of alpine winds and Apennine,” 3bmeteo experts always explain.

37-38°C is expected if not more in cities such as Turin, Milan, Bologna, Brescia, Mantua, Verona, Ferrara, Piacenza and Parma. Next weekend, tips 38-40°C In the interior of Centrosod and Sardinia, while in the north you will lose a few degrees, but the heat will still be intense. Extreme heat will also be in the mountains with peaks above 29-30 degrees up to 1000 metres. In short, it will be a weekend full of passion spent away from the sun and heat in an effort to get refreshment. If possible…